I'm Chinggay Labrador (online, you can find me as @superrrfudge on Twitter and Instagram). I live in Manila, Philippines, where I write freelance, practice yoga, and collect and read tarot cards. I've also been baking and selling brownies from my little toaster oven since high school.

Practical Magic is a mix of all my interests. I've been reading tarot since I was 18, and that practice, along with creative writing and flow and yin yoga, have made me realize that while these disciplines are vastly different, they have, in one way or another contributed to deep and meaningful healing and growth in my life. 

Magic doesn't have to be out of our grasp—you don't have to be woo-woo to get it.

All these practices, when framed in a structured and smart way, can help us get the answers we need so we can start living better, healthier and more meaningfully everyday.

I hope this site helps spark all sorts of magic in your life!