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The All-Arounder

30 to 45 minutes of SWOT analysis-style tarot, P750

If you’re feeling a little wonky, this reading can help clear out the cobwebs that are clouding your judgement by helping you ground and center.

First, we analyze your present situation by tackling your goals and their blocks, how you’re affected by your brain and your emotions, and how this all relates to the environment you’re in. After surveying the scene, we’ll figure out what possibilities and options you can navigate moving forward.

Second, you have the option of asking three questions. No Yes-No inquiries allowed! Practical Magic makes use of the why’s, how’s and what can you tell me about’s because they yield deeper and more valuable answers.

Chinggay’s calm energy and sharp intuition led me to insights about the direction for the next stages of my life. She gave me confirmation and thus, the confidence I needed to courageously move forward. If you’re looking for a guide to help you with your life’s questions, I suggest you book a session with her today.
— Aurora

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