New Moon: Figuring Out Forgiveness

Decks used: Emily Dickinson Tarot ( Factory Hollow Press ), Jane Austen Tarot ( Lo Scarabeo ),  Vessel Oracle  (Mary Elizabeth Evans)

Decks used: Emily Dickinson Tarot (Factory Hollow Press), Jane Austen Tarot (Lo Scarabeo), Vessel Oracle (Mary Elizabeth Evans)

Let's go literary this month with the New Moon's message for you. Forgiveness can be about the other person—letting them off the hook for whatever it is they've done to scorn you (intentional or not), or finally giving up the drama of the entire situation and saying "let's just move on already." It can also be meant for yourself. It's telling yourself it's okay you were stupid or silly or that you allowed your ego to take over for a crazy, momentary minute. It's acknowledging the wrong that happened and making a commitment to making it right.

  • Forgiveness is admirable. Really, truly saying out loud that whatever sh*t happened is OKAY and meaning it takes balls. It's acknowledging vulnerability and wanting to better yourself after all the bad stuff that went down.
  • The Moon, symbolized by the White Moth, represents how difficult it can be to latch on or find what it is that really needs forgiving. We say sorry for things we do on the surface, sure, but getting to the meat and potatoes of why things went wrong or why you did what you did can be challenging. Wanting to do the work and braving the shadows you may confront in the process is a big deal. Give yourself a pat on the back for that.
  • The Lady and Lord of Teacups (Queen and King of Cups) are personified by "Pride & Prejudice" characters, Jane Bennett and Charles Bingley. Even the most sensitive, sweetest souls can screw things up when the pull and sheer strength of their emotions begin to intimidate them. But how easily drama disappears the minute we decide to forgive old wrongs and just bravely, fiercely tell the truth. Forgiveness starts with that—owning up to what we feel and who we are and making a mutual decision to move forward.

What do you need to forgive this New Moon?