Chakra Chat: The Crown Chakra

Deck used:  Connected & Free Oracle  (Inner Hue)

Deck used: Connected & Free Oracle (Inner Hue)

One of the most used phrases in tarot is, "As above, so below." This immediately makes me think of the Crown Chakra—it reminds me that everything we experience, feel and sense in our everyday lives can have some deeper meaning, some purpose, if we intend it. This chakra is a little hard to grasp because it's not as straightforward as most of the other chakras are (root = down to earth; sacral = creativity; solar plexus = confidence…) and I think it's because it's a rarity for us to become truly in touch with what we want to make of our lives. This chakra is at the top, or last on most lists for a reason—we usually begin to access its meaning only when we've fully experienced or have become acquainted with the other chakras below it.

  • Color: Violet
  • Where to spot it: At the top of your head—where you'd plant your crown if you had one!
  • Why it's useful: It guides us towards a higher purpose—whatever that may mean for us.
  • Yoga pose: While in a comfortable seat like easy pose (sukhasana), close your eyes and quiet your breath. As you inhale, imagine the top of your head being drawn by an invisible string towards the sky. Breathing in, your spine grows longer and more expansive. Breathing out, your seat becomes even more firmly rooted to the ground. 
Up in the air somewhere between Manila and Tokyo.

Up in the air somewhere between Manila and Tokyo.

I typically pair the Crown Chakra with the clear-sightedness and straightforward vision that the Air element represents. The Crown, after all, is the chakra closest to the sky and the clouds. Too much talk about our higher purpose without doing any actual work can turn us into airy-fairy folks who don't deliver. And not enough time spent in the proverbial clouds can turn your life into a series of mundane To Do lists that don't really take you anywhere. 

Travel, to me, is one experience that instantly helps me get in touch with my Crown Chakra. Being in a new place reinforces my strong connection to my own home (physical and otherwise). And being in new cities reminds me that the world is so much bigger than the little bubble I live in for most of my days—it's a great way to remember that we are connected to a whole, and that whole can connect back to us through the purpose we find in our lives.

Thanks for staying with me all through Chakra Chat, folks! :) Hope this series brought you some insight and practical advice you can tap into in case you're ever in need of some help.