Chakra Chat: The Third Eye Chakra

Deck used: Connected & Free Oracle ( Inner Hue )

Deck used: Connected & Free Oracle (Inner Hue)

"Do you have a third eye?" When people find out that I read tarot, this is the question that often pops up. "We all have a third eye," I tell them, which then elicits an internal freakout. :P Thanks to The Sixth Sense, The Ring and other stories I prefer to stay away from (never been fond of the genre!), the third eye has gotten some sort of a stigma. The truth is, at least as far as our chakras our concerned, the third eye merely represents our ability to "see" what isn't in plain sight. 

And yes, that may refer to some other dimension, but for my purposes (this website, is, after all, called *Practical* Magic) I equate the third eye chakra to our intuition—something we can all access if care to.

  • Color: Indigo
  • Where to spot it: The blank space between your eyebrows
  • Why it's useful: It teaches us to trust our instincts, whether they make sense or not.
  • Yoga pose: While in a comfortable seat like easy pose (sukhasana), or even while lying down in corpse pose (savanna), close your eyes. Notice whether your eyes, even while closed, our flitting about and looking in all directions. Breathe easy, take a deep inhale and exhale and focus your gaze beneath your lids towards the space between your eyebrows, about 30 degrees up from your line of sight. Focus on your breath, let your monkey mind play until it begins to quiet down.
Deck used:  The Sun and Moon Tarot  (Vanessa Decort)

Deck used: The Sun and Moon Tarot (Vanessa Decort)

The High Priestess of the Major Arcana is the card most typically associated with the third eye chakra. This character gets her insight, not just from all that the books have taught her (represented usually by the two pillars, one black and one white), but also from looking within. The crescent moon on her forehead, a reflection of the moon in the sky, shows her keen connection to the collective wisdom of the Universe.

I was reading for a client recently and went off on a ramble, telling her that the High Priestess (which she pulled), meant it was time for her to tap into her sacral chakra. The most obvious connection would be the third eye chakra, but I feel that when you're super in tune with what your intuition tells you, the ability to create and manifest becomes second nature and easy too. That's to say that there really isn't a clear line between this chakra and that—it's the tarot after all. We understand that while compartmentalizing helps us understand concepts, everything is connected.

Graphic from:  Drawing Within  (Elle North)

Graphic from: Drawing Within (Elle North)

Elle North, who I consider one of my very first tarot teachers, put together a fun and useful quiz to help us figure out which "clair" we are. Clair, finds its root in "clarity." And our intuition can come at us by delivering us clear messages in a number of ways. Clairaudience means clear hearing, clairvoyance means clear sight and vision… I identify primarily with claircognizance or clear "knowing." Sometimes, I just get a strong sense that something is a certain way or someone feels a certain thing. When that happens, oftentimes, reason butts in and tells me I'm imagining all of it, but really, when we're considering how much our subconscious actually knows about the world, maybe imagination isn't as farfetched as you initially suspect.

Take Elle's quiz here.