Better Together: The Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

Deck used:  The Cosmos Tarot & Oracle  (Light Grey Art Lab)

Deck used: The Cosmos Tarot & Oracle (Light Grey Art Lab)

The Light Grey Tarot was the fifth tarot deck I ever bought (I keep track of these things), and it was my introduction to the eponymous Minnesota-based art studio behind it. Apart from holding an art gallery, Light Grey Art Lab also conducts workshops on everything from jewelry design to reading the tarot. I love the carefully curated artwork of their deck—it's no mean feat to gather works from 78 artists and get them together in a cohesive, well-thought out deck. So when they announced that they were coming out with a tarot and oracle deck based entirely on the cosmos—our universe, constellations, and the night sky—I knew I would get on that train the minute the deck was released.

I bought the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle as a Christmas gift to myself. For $35, you're getting a LOT of tarot and oracle goodness. First off, the artwork is incredible (except for this *one* oddball card that does not go with the rest of the dec). Second, the cards are thin and flexible so they're easy to shuffle, plus they have gold gilded edges which completely match the cosmos / star theme. The Oracle cards have a purple backing while the Tarot cards have a deep blue backing—both are gorgeous and work well individually or in conjunction with each other. Third, it feels so great to hold a stack of a hundred cards in your hand!

Even my friends who aren't into tarot ask me about these cards when I post photos of them. They're *that good*.

Even my friends who aren't into tarot ask me about these cards when I post photos of them. They're *that good*.

The set comes in a sturdy box and is accompanied by a hefty not-so-little white book that I feel, is essential, if you're going to dive deep into this deck. Every card is labelled with a constellation (done subtly in gold foil) and a set of light and shadow keywords. Technically, you can read these cards straight out of the box. *BUT*, there's a ton of mythology that goes with every single star formation and every single drawing. You'd be doing yourself a disservice without making an effort to really go deep with the Cosmos.

It took me a full month to journal, read and research on mythology, and STILL, I find myself grabbing the LWB every time I do a reading. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to be able to read this deck and identify the stories without the guidebook, but it's something I attempt to do every so often. I'm still waiting for my lightbulb moment where everything just clicks!

That said, when I ease up on the left-brain part of using this deck, I do draw beautiful messages solely based on the illustrations and the keywords… and sometimes, that's really all we need! I don't think anyone should pass up the opportunity to get this deck. It's incredibly rich in all respects and can add so much to someone's collection.