New Moon: Face the Fear of Loneliness

Decks used:  Housewives Tarot  (Quirk Books),  Fanuna's Tarot ,  Connected and Free Oracle  (Inner Hue)

Decks used: Housewives Tarot (Quirk Books), Fanuna's Tarot, Connected and Free Oracle (Inner Hue)

Let's welcome the final New Moon of 2016 with a reading about this crazy time of year.

December's filled with parties, reunions, merry-making, food-centric festivities and calendars filled with social obligations. It's ironic that loneliness crops up even more strongly and unexpectedly when we're surrounded by people. Whether you're putting on a poker face and faking it 'til you make it by immersing yourself in party after party, or are pulling back with some Me Time by declining the invites that come in, what's important this season is to confront your shadows in a way that's right for you.

• Pencil in some alone time. If other people's parties merit a date in your Google Calendar or your paper planner, why can't you fit in an entire evening just for you? Find a blank space in your diary or make it happen and write down that appointment you're making with yourself. Sometimes, Hermit time can be the antidote to loneliness. It teaches you that you can keep yourself company, and it encourages you to find out why this time of year's becoming extra tough for you. Get enough quality time with yourself in and eventually, you'll find the light within.

• Let go of the baggage. Family reunions are tricky—not only do they set the stage for arguments (stay away from politics, folks!) and the bringing up of old ills, but they can send even the most evolved person back into the childhood traumas they thought they'd long given up. Do you have any good memories from growing up? A cousin you were close to, or a sibling who acted as your protector? This is the kind of "baggage" worth bringing up this time of year. Find a bright spot and bring it back.

• Face the shadows. If there was ever a time to confront whatever's haunted you all through 2016 (and I can personally say, this year has been all about the shadows), it's now. Take a deep breath in and dive deep into the challenges, difficulties and trials of the year and face them head on. Empty out whatever you've depressed over the last 12 months so you can start the New Year, fresh and unencumbered by your past. 

At the end of the day, even the loneliest people are not alone—there's someone else out there who's feeling the ills of the season too. We'll get through the holidays together!