Let's Make Magic Happen

Deck used: Spirit Speak Tarot and Vessel Oracle ( Spirit Speak , Mary Elizabeth Evans)

Deck used: Spirit Speak Tarot and Vessel Oracle (Spirit Speak, Mary Elizabeth Evans)

I've been sitting on this blog idea for what feels like a really long time. It finally made its way online (after much work and lallygagging) because I really do enjoy getting my hands dirty with tarot. When I'm feeling introspective, it gets me to ask and answer the hard questions. When my heart needs a pick-me-up, it brings me the right kind of fluff. Tarot pats me on the back and kicks me in the butt, and is the perfect antidote for procrastination (without it, this website would've taken far longer to exist). It's really a practical tool—one that helps fix and solve problems, and one that sparks magic, too.

The 78 cards in a tarot deck encompass the depth and breadth of human experience. Every card tells a story that anyone can gain insight from. It sets the stage for self-discovery, understanding, and healing and once everything clicks, you know you've accessed its magic. Like the savasana high after practicing yoga, or the happy buzz you get after a spa day, tarot can help you feel better in your own skin. And when you feel better, you can start living better and more meaningfully too. 

Here's a space where I get to share how PRACTICAL MAGIC has worked (and is working) for me. Through the posts and stories and card pulls, I hope you find your way to magic too.