Chakra Chat: Intro

Deck used: Connect and Free Oracle ( Inner Hue )

Deck used: Connect and Free Oracle (Inner Hue)

I first learned about the chakras in a meditation class I was taking at White Space Wellness. Every week, our teacher, Sarah, would talk us through the different energy centers of the body. Each of the seven distinct points in our body correspond to certain actions, feelings, and basically, "energies" or abilities. That could mean harnessing your power to create, your resolve to make decisions, or even your capacity to connect to your intuition.

Once I was familiar with the chakras and the concepts behind them, they became a lot easier to access outside the meditation space. Battling writer's block had meant expanding my sacral chakra to help me come up with unpredictable storylines. Or feeling out of sorts while traveling in an unfamiliar city by myself meant harnessing my root chakra, reminding me that I could always count on my connection to home to keep me secure. One of my teachers, Elle North, even gave workshops that linked these points to specific yoga asanas (or poses) and the tarot itself. Backbends meant opening your heart chakra, and the High Priestess intuitive abilities meant connecting to the third eye.

Admittedly, the term "energy center" sounds pretty nebulous. But it is possible to bring these concepts down to earth by applying them to specific everyday concerns. For example, the solar plexus chakra can help you say NO to that project you know you shouldn't be taking on, or the throat chakra can mean saying what you mean and bypassing all the passive aggressive BS we encounter regularly.

When our chakras are aligned and not spinning wildly out of control, we come to a state of balance—and who doesn't want that, right? Over the next few weeks, I'll be chakra chatting about my understanding of these wonderful concepts and how we can fine-tune them to help us everyday.