Rest, Recharge, Rejuvenate

Deck used:  Fanuna's Tarot

Deck used: Fanuna's Tarot

These are two of my favorite major arcana cards, because they remind me to slow down. My friends and coworkers usually see me as pretty calm and composed—but those traits were definitely learned over time. I'm an Aries and a naturally competitive, fiery, go-go-go person with an incredible knack for burning out. If it weren't for the values espoused by these two cards, I'd perennially be sick, unstable, and out of my wits!

The Star and Temperance hold special meaning for me because I know what it's like to move forward without stopping (it does not feel good). When I draw these cards, I know it's time to take a literal, mental, emotional, and spiritual spa day. 

Temperance reminds me to balance myself. All the work I do and everything I'm passionate about becomes more functional and more sustainable when I give myself time to pause. It reminds me to refuel my tank before it goes completely empty. The Star reminds me to not get blindsided by the everyday hustle—that it's important to pause, reassess and know that I have the ability to hope and wish, and not just be strung along by whatever happens to me. It gives me permission to hold space for myself.

Illustration by: Alysse Asilo

Illustration by: Alysse Asilo

I resonate really well with these cards because of my yoga practice, which is founded on the concept of Yin and Yang. We can't be all action all the time, we need to pull back and ground down in order to surge forward in a way that will work for us and not against us. Yoga, in itself, is a practice that gives us permission to know ourselves and acquaint ourselves with the natural cycles that keep our lives in balance.

My yoga teacher, Dona, always reminds us that our practice offers us a safe space. And really, it was only when I took time out to pause and rest and be with my breath that I was able to put my super fiery self in balance.

We all put such a premium on output and work—if we're lucky we get paid overtime, or we get salary increases when we go the extra mile. I'll always remember one question Dona posed in one of her classes—imagine how different life would be if we were actually paid to rest? If we could award ourselves for carving time out to take it easy and allow ourselves to recharge.

Here's the rub—rejuvenation is something we can self-start and create for ourselves. It's a choice. And it's something we can start by simply pulling The Star and Temperance from our decks. 

… And if all that sounds a little too out of this world for you, here's a thought—who doesn't enjoy a good spa treatment, right? ;)

PS: Dona Tumacder-Esteban is hosting a Women's Well-Being Weekend Immersion this September 3 and 4, at Yoga+ Makati. Exploring your own cyclical nature and how you can bring harmony to everyday living is a great way to embody The Star and Temperance in your own life. For more info, visit