Chakra Chat: The Throat Chakra

Deck used: Connected and Free ( Inner Hue )

Deck used: Connected and Free (Inner Hue)

As a writer, I regularly engage my Throat Chakra, because without the ability to express, I just wouldn't be able to do my job. I found, however, that saying one thing, hammering out an article, creating copy quickly enough to catch up with all the shenanigans Instagram comes up with is quite different from really expressing your Self.

  • Color: Blue
  • Where to spot it: At the throat (where else?)
  • Why it's useful: It allows you to express yourself fully and authentically.
  • Yoga pose: While in a comfortable seat like easy pose (sukhasana), or even while lying down in corpse pose (savanna), notice your jaw and your throat. Is it constricted? Is there tension being held up there? If your tongue is glued to the roof of your mouth, gently bring it down so the tip of your tongue touches the back of the teeth and its full body begins to rest on the floor of the mouth. This will help ease any tension held at the jaw (which can tense up the shoulders and the hips!) and allow for release and relaxation to move through the throat.
Deck used: The Fountain Tarot (Jason Gruel, Jonathan Saiz, Andi Todaro)

Deck used: The Fountain Tarot (Jason Gruel, Jonathan Saiz, Andi Todaro)

There are two phases in expressing the Self, I find. One is acknowledging whatever is on your mind or in your heart and saying it out. Every Sunday, I make it a point to journal and write it all out. Without blame or judgement, my yoga teacher Dona likes to say. It's quite surprising how critical we can be of ourselves and how that can skew what actually comes out of our mouths.

The other phase is trusting what you say enough to be able to express it to someone. Trusting other people enough to receive whatever it is you have to say. This is definitely something I still need to work on. Writing is one thing—I don't get that instantaneous reaction from readers or my audience and I can just pretend I wrote everything out to myself (especially the personal stuff) and never have to deal with people actually reading it.

This is why I work on my throat chakra. Why is expressing yourself important to you?

PS: I like to spray this chakra mist from Aveda at night on my pillows. I find it helps quiet down my inner voices and helps me get a good night's sleep!