Full Moon: Give your weird self some credence

Decks used:  Small Spells Tarot  (Rachel Howe),  Ceccoli Oracle  (Nicoletta Ceccoli, Llewellyn Worldwide)

Decks used: Small Spells Tarot (Rachel Howe), Ceccoli Oracle (Nicoletta Ceccoli, Llewellyn Worldwide)

When was the last time your intuition told you to try out something crazy? It's happened to me a lot of times and while I may have gotten a lot of questions and weird stares in the process of following my inner voice (shoutout to the one time I took voice lessons and sang on stage after a full class of 10-year olds), it's always led to good experiences, or at the very least, lessons learned.

This Full Moon, try to dispel the second-guessing that the ego ushers in every time your intuition talks to you. At least give the conversation between you and your inner voice some time — allow yourself to engage with it, to entertain it, to let it speak. Instead of shutting it down straight away, make some time for an amiable discussion.

It can be a struggle to let this happen, especially when you're so used to the straight and narrow path that everyday life tells you to follow. Here are a few ways to give your intuition and yourself some quality time to talk:

  • Freestyle journaling. Draw, doodle, write, diagram — whatever. If you're a neat freak like me and would rather not ruin the pristine pages of your journal, grab a pad or a piece of scratch paper and take the pressure off. Remember, this doesn't have to make sense. Just let your hands do the talking for your intuition and see what comes of it. Set your timer to 10 minutes and don't stop 'til it rings.
  • Repetitive tasks. Coloring, grouping the coins out of your piggy bank (to deposit them the next day), arranging your bookshelves according to color, or cross-stitching can help the monkey mind relax so the subconscious can speak up. 
  • Dream decoding. Any strange symbols coming out of your dreams or naps lately? Write them down — no pressure to analyze them or figure them out right away. Let them sit for a few days and maybe some of them will begin to make sense. Share them with your closest friends who can help you find connections between your dream world and your daily life.