Tarot Top 5: Money Matters

I spent most of last year really focusing on earth energy. That meant fixing up my space at home, giving myself some space to enjoy my money (hello, online shopping), and focusing on building security.

The older you get, the more finances become a concern and I've used the cards several times to help me navigate my way through the confusing world of adulting and money problems. I'm not by no means an expert in financial stuff, which is why guidance is incredibly important for me in this arena.

Here's what I've been using to navigate through money issues and why.

  1. Maybe Lenormand (Ryan Edward, US Games). Lenormand decks are great for giving a straightforward assessment of any situations and certain cards within the system actually point to money matters (the Fish is particularly useful for business, the Anchor is sometimes used for security). The Maybe Lenormand goes the extra mile because it takes the conventional 36-card Lenormand system and adds a bit more. It even has a card with a depiction of a safe — perfect for getting some financial information.
  2. The Tarot of the Zirkus Magi (Doug Thornsjo, Duck Soup Productions). What does the circus have to do with money? Not a lot on the surface, but if you're willing to dig a little deeper, you'll find some insight. I like the behind the scenes depictions of putting on a show — the deck makes references to Barnum & Bailey, and Charlie Chaplin's dire money circumstances. What drew me to this deck are the keywords that go with every card — if you need fast and quick advice, you can look straight to these guide words and get immediate inspiration for something as complicated as money matters.
  3. Madam Clara Sees All (Motel Gift Shop). This is great for specific questions because you've got key phrases on each card — same as the aforementioned deck. I find that this deck's illustrations are secondary when it comes to specific questions. When you're rifling through money questions, it's helpful to get fast answers and this deck's meanings, both upright and reversed, can give you practical advice straight away. I talk about this deck a little more over here
  4. The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit (Kim Krans). When we want to change our attitude and perspectives towards money, it helps to expand the way we perceive ourselves by looking at different archetypes. I find that this deck covers a wide range of personalities that can all play a significant role in the way we handle our money. Sure, there's no conventional currency in the animal world, but maybe if we find our unique and individual animal spirits, we can look at the physical world in a completely different and relevant way.
  5. Zombie Tarot (Paul Kepple and Stacey Graham, Quirk Books). The zombie universe with all its gory qualities gives us a quick dose of the hard truth. When we need some real truth-telling when it comes to the way we manage our money, this deck delivers important (and sometimes quite salty) messages. No one wants to end up struggling for life as far as finances go, and this deck enables you to get to the hard facts (albeit lightheartedly) without too many frills. Click on over here if you want a more in-depth review of this deck!
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