Tarot Top 5: Birthday Decks

I've got a number of really good friends who have birthdays this week, many of whom do ask for readings to celebrate turning a year older. 

Here are my top 5 favorite decks to pull from when doing birthday readings:

  1. Iris Oracle (Mary Elizabeth Evans). I love this deck because its illustrations and messages go straight to the crux of the matter. It may look whimsical (I mean, look at those stars and rainbows!), but beneath the pastel colors and the light-hearted aesthetic comes a particular depth I haven't really encountered in any other oracle or tarot deck. When someone turns a year older, it will serve him or her well to absorb the lessons of the past so they can be better prepared for the future. The guidebook's candor also gets someone to the present moment without a lot of to-do. Get a box of tissues ready, just in case. :)
  2. The Wild Unknown (Kim Krans). I love this deck so much, I'd put it in every Top 5 list if I could. The Wild Unknown gives the perfect clean slate to a birthday reading because it's nature-based and doesn't have any images of people in it. It can inspire a fresh start in someone, free from baggage and from one's perceptions of him or herself. I love the look of this deck too — if someone is in search of a really "special" tarot experience, this deck sets the mood like no other.
  3. The Starchild Tarot (Danielle Noel). I used to bring this deck around with me just in case I came across someone who wanted a random reading, but I stopped doing that when I realized that the deck served "special occasions" a lot better than unplanned ones. Something about the ethereal quality of this deck tells me to save it for a Big Day. The matte gilded edges of the deck, its very thick card stock (better to just spill all the cards out on the table and mix them up at random, rather than shuffle them), and its cool hues give readings an oomph that really suits a special day.
  4. Delos Tarot (lamblamb99). Age can be a very divisive issue when it comes to turning a year older, and I love how this deck just immediately puts you in a more childlike frame of mind the minute you see it. Its simplicity and storybook quality can put someone who's feeling a little iffy about aging more at ease. The Delos Tarot, to me, is a gentle reminder of how we can all still meet our inner child no matter how mature the world and all its realities forces us to become. 
  5. Pagan Otherworlds Tarot (UUSI). If you want someone to have a lush, rich, classic tarot experience for his or her birthday, then this would be my go-to deck. The Pagan Otherworlds is a beauty. Giving a reading with these cards, to me, is the equivalent of taking someone up to The Cloisters and giving them a special, private tour. The cards feel great in the hands and giving someone the experience of pulling cards from this deck, shuffling them delicately, and seeing how seamlessly the cards fan out over a flat surface is quite arresting. Why wouldn't you want to make someone feel as special as they possibly can be on their birthday, right?