Tarot Top 5: Beach Edition

To celebrate the New Year, I'm planning a beach / surf trip with friends next week — which brings me to this question: What are the best decks to take with you on a beach vacation?

1. Golden Thread Tarot (by Tina Gong). It's made of plastic so you can take this with you to the sand and not have to worry about ruining it. The deck is a modern reinterpretation of the RWS, so it's a quick read for those who know their way around tarot. It also comes with a free app, so those who are dabbling can access meanings (even reversals!) at the tip of their fingers. The perfect accessory for while you're sipping mojitos during happy hour or are lounging by the shore (just watch out for the breeze), you can't go wrong with this one.

2. Fanuna's Tarot. Its whimsical watercolor look makes it perfect for an easy weekend at the beach. I love the use of white space on this deck — it's easy on the eyes and gives you some breathing space as you read the symbols on the individual cards. Every suit also carries a distinct color scheme that goes perfectly with the cool blues and warm yellows of the ocean.

3. Sun and Moon Tarot (by Vanessa Decort, US Games). The minimalist style art style of this deck helps lighten the mood — it's based on the Thoth tarot, and I feel gives a lot of deep and thoughtful messages. This is a great deck to take with you sunset or sunrise gazing — when you want to pull away from the group for a moment and have a quiet hour all to yourself. 

4. Osho Zen Tarot (by Osho, Ma Deva Padma). There is something intrinsically Zen about the water, and this deck, while colorful and vibrant, matches that calm and collected quality of beach life. If you're feeling the hippie vibes or are the token yogi of the group, this is the perfect deck to tote along with you as you contemplate the flow of the water post-savasana on the sand.

5. Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot (by Dame Darcy). How can I not include this deck? I find that no beach trip is complete without singing some Little Mermaid and doing the signature "Part of Your World" move (i.e., mermaid on a rock). This deck encapsulates all that a beach trip has to offer — fun, indulgence, serious truth-telling, bonding, and getting your caught in the cosmic flow of the Universe.

PS: Don't forget the sunscreen!