Tarot x 5: The Sakki Sakki Tarot

Deck used:  Sakki-Sakki Tarot  (Monicka Clio Sakki). Collage images by  Rookie .

Deck used: Sakki-Sakki Tarot (Monicka Clio Sakki). Collage images by Rookie.

I've been working primarily freelance ever since I graduated from college, with a couple of consultancy gigs that have given me full-time work anywhere from three months to 11 months (yes, I never lasted a year doing full time, LOL). But things began to shift for me after I'd said ta-ta to yoga as a "job," and had absolute luck finding a part-time job working with a local start-up to append my freelance gigs. 

A sort-of regular job meant a more stable income, which was very convenient because I was beginning to open my eyes to the wide, wide world of independently created decks. Enter, the Sakki-Sakki Tarot.

sakki sakki 4.jpg

What's my favorite card? The Empress. She reminds me of a deconstructed Klimt, with a smattering of Picasso. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the contrast between the blue and the orange. This is everything I want in a modern tarot deck—this Empress totally speaks to my soul!

What's my least favorite card? None! Honestly. I flicked through this deck a couple of times before taking photos for this blog post just to make sure I really loved EVERY SINGLE ONE of these cards and I couldn't find one that I didn't love. So I decided to put The Artist up instead since it's my most underutilized card in the deck—it hardly ever pops up for me.

sakki sakki 5.jpg

Who was I when I bought this deck? I was new to this part-time job (which I've been with for three years now!) and loved how it brought me back to my styling days with magazines, alongside writing. I actually bought this deck at the office—clicked shop right at our shop. Haha!

When did I buy this deck? October 2014.

Where did I buy this deck? Online at www.sakki-sakki.com. I couldn't resist the free international shipping and thought it was really cool that I would be receiving a package straight from Israel.

sakki sakki 3.jpg

How did I find the deck and how do I use it now? I bought the deck along with the more comprehensive guidebook, and because I had so much information on a deck whose aesthetic I loved, I really studied with this one. In fact, this helped me unlock the RWS meanings more deeply. I would tote this book and deck wherever I would go, taking it with me to writing workshops, museum trips and to work.

sakki sakki 2.jpg

On a side note, because I was taking this deck along with me everywhere I went, I got the DIY box pretty banged up. I wrote Monicka to ask if she had any extra boxes that I could buy and she didn't have any at the time… but fast forward to months later and she had actually snail mailed me one of the misprint boxes from her stash, along with magnets and a super sweet note. BEST TAROT SURPRISE EVER. 

Of course now, I don't want to ruin this super special new box so I washi taped my old Sakki-Sakki box to death to keep it alive. :)