Tarot x 5: Light Grey Tarot

Deck used:  Light Grey Tarot  (Light Grey Art Lab). Collage images by  Rookie .

Deck used: Light Grey Tarot (Light Grey Art Lab). Collage images by Rookie.

I've always had a soft spot for independently produced decks, and while the Wild Unknown was my first non-mass market deck, it was already gaining traction in the tarot community by the time I noticed it (I got it from Urban Outfitters after all). The Light Grey Tarot, however, I think, initiated me into the world of decks that are illustrated and created by small groups of people who share a love for art and, in some ways, the occult.

light grey 2.jpg

What's my favorite card? The Queen of Pentacles. She's so CUTE! And I love how earthy and organic her surroundings are, without having a really heavy and dense vibe (something that the Pentacles can tend towards at times).

What's my least favorite card? The 6 of Pentacles. In this deck, 77 cards are illustrated and this is the one photographic image. I feel like it sticks out like a sore thumb and because there aren't any labels, I wasn't exactly sure which card it stood for when I first started reading with the deck.

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Who was I when I bought it? I had begun my deep dive into writing again, kicking off about a years' worth of work with an anthology I had participated in called "Sola Musica." When I got this deck, we had just launched our book!

When did I buy the deck? November 2014.

Where did I buy it? Off the Light Grey Art Lab website. What caught my attention after the art was the price point. Just $25, it felt like a bargain! This was the first deck I purchased that I had sent via post straight to the Philippines. Picked it up from the post office without any hassles or scary customs fees too. 

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How did I find it then and how do I use it now? What appealed to me about this deck when I first saw it was that it was a collective—78 different artists came together to produce a cohesive piece. Every card was different but (except for the Six of Pentacles) maintained a similar lightness to it. When I first started reading for strangers, it was one of the decks I regularly took with me; and it remains to be one of the decks I use for other people more than for myself.

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