Tarot Top 5: Tools for the Modern Tarot Girl/Guy

Deck used:  Ostara Tarot  (Molly Applejohn , Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard & Julia Iredale; Schiffer Books). Collage images by  Rookie .

Deck used: Ostara Tarot (Molly Applejohn , Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard & Julia Iredale; Schiffer Books). Collage images by Rookie.

Like a lot of tarot nerds, I love my stationery products and have a go at some retail therapy every now and again. Unlike most people in the spiritual community though, I'm not too into altars and the like, so the tools of the trade that furnish and equip my practice are quite different. I go through my current favorites when it comes to fashioning and accessorizing my cards and why they work for me.


1. Erin Condren Life Planner. I tossed and turned over this hefty planner for a while because I already do have a planner and I really don't need another one taking up desk space. I bit the bullet, however, after considering how I could utilize this giant of a planner with my tarot practice. I use the planner's monthly spreads to document my daily draws—with color coding (yes, I do love my MUJI pens), I'm able to track in one glance what suits or cards stand out for me within a given timeframe. It's great in figuring out patterns and spotting those pesky stalker cards.


2. Glossier pink pouch. Not only am I a huge fan of Glossier's beauty products, I'm also a sucker for their marketing. I love their cushy pink pouches for the zip pocket and the waterproof potential—these are the perfect kits to put your cards in, especially when traveling. I packed mine to Singapore last month and was confident my cards would be secure 100% of the time. I also prefer Zip lock type bags when it comes to cards… no zippers for me (when those teeth get caught in your cards, that just spells trouble!).


3. Reading cloth. This, I bought from local illustrator and tattoo artist Wiji Lacsamana of Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest. Not only do cloths make your reading IG-pretty, they're great for practical purposes too. I'm very finicky about where I place my cards and when I have my cloth, I'm sure, at the very least, that they don't pick up any food / oil / liquids (ew).

4. Woo woo stuff. Sage sticks and crystals are part and parcel of the modern tarot guy / girl's essentials. I don't sage as often as I used to—which is probably a good sign because I only light these sticks up when I'm feeling really icky energy-wise. I am in no way shape or form a crystal aficionado, but a couple of years ago when I was deep into the yoga scene, I did pick up a couple of pretty stones just because they appealed to me visually. 


5. Phone. With apps like this one, from the Golden Thread Tarot, you're never without a tarot deck. I try to bring one wherever I go, but really, it's phone > deck when you have limited bag space. When I'm at a coffee shop with my laptop and have extra down time, I hammer out my monthly scopes and readings using my handy dandy tarot apps.

How about you, folks? What tools do you like to take with you as tarot readers? Hit me up via email (link above) or Instagram and share your thoughts!