Tarot x 5: Morgan's Tarot

Deck used:  Morgan's Tarot  (Morgan Robbins and Darshan Chorpash, US Games). 

Deck used: Morgan's Tarot (Morgan Robbins and Darshan Chorpash, US Games). 

Just a few months after I'd gotten my first tarot decks, I already knew that I favored decks that were non-traditional and modern. I spotted this at a new age store near Christmas time. My yoga friends and I were having a regular get together over smoothies and vegetarian food (yes, cliches abound) and my eyes immediately drifted to one of the shelves where this deck was positioned. It was purple! Black and white hand drawn images! Hippie dippie! Right away, I was sold.

morgan 2.jpg

What's my favorite card? Let George do it. Random, yes, but one of my best friends is named George and so I find this card kind of ridiculous and funny at the same time. This card embodies the vibe of Morgan's Tarot in one go.

What's my least favorite card? The war has reached a critical point between Atlantis & Mu. No matter how many times I read the guidebook that comes with this deck, I cannot, for the life of me, remember what this means.

morgan 3.jpg

Who was I when I bought this deck? I was going through my hard drive and found that I had this quote above splashed on as my phone wallpaper when I bought it. I was going through a major transitional shift in my life and was all about the self-improvement self-development quotes. I felt like I had given up a huge part of my life and was slowly struggling to find my way back to myself again.

When did I buy it? December 2014.

Where did I buy it? At Third Eye Wellness, a pretty woo woo spot in BGC. (I haven't been there in a while, I should definitely make my way back!)

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How did I find it then and how do I use it now? Morgan's Tarot was my first oracle deck and it was a deliberate choice for me because I knew that most oracle decks were full of fantasy-based art and kind of sentimental and cheesy. I wanted something tongue in cheek and eye-catching, and this was exactly it. That said, I don't use this deck very much because it does require a lot of thought (despite the lightness of its visuals and humorous sayings). I used this at an event last year where I brought six decks and had walk-ups choose which ones they wanted to work with—this was actually a popular choice. When I do pull this out, though, it actually gives me poignant messages. It's definitely one of those "more than meets the eye" kinds of decks.

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