Tarot x 5: The Original Rider-Waite Smith

Deck used:  Original Rider-Waite Smith  (US Games). Collage images by  Rookie .

Deck used: Original Rider-Waite Smith (US Games). Collage images by Rookie.

At this point in my tarot studies, I was studying up on the cards, was pretty happy with my Wild Unknown, and was so excited to see that there were actually modern reinterpretations of the tarot (Zombies!). And then I kept running into articles, videos and write-ups on how knowing the Rider-Waite Smith is like knowing the ABCs of tarot. It was available, pretty cheap compared to specialty decks (around PhP600+) and so I snapped it up.

rws 2.jpg

What's my favorite card? The Knight of Cups. I've got a little bit of a bias going on here because he's also my favorite masculine energy archetype among the courts. The RWS gets a lot of flak for the garish colors (probably a product of printing processes over the century it's been in production), but this one's got a stark white background. White space! Breath of fresh air! Prince Charming on a horse! What's not to love?

What's my least favorite card? This isn't the first time I'm writing about this, but yup, it's that pesky Judgement card. I just cannot with that angel with the trumpet amidst all the naked people. I am also quite the judgmental person at times so this card is totally sticking it to me.

rws 4.jpg

Who was I when I bought this deck? That's me making my way down one of Bali's super high cliffs so I could get to the shore. I'd just left my yoga studio job at this time, and was on a surf and yoga retreat that would mark the end of one era and my transition into another. An absolutely cleansing experience!

When did I buy it? 2014.

Where did I find it? Again, at Fully Booked—either the Katipunan branch (again, while waiting for a meditation class to start) or at Power Plant Rockwell, my favorite mall :P

rws 3.jpg

How did I find the deck then and how do I use it now? I primarily used this deck for study, and when I was taking tarot classes, it was the RWS that we used to start reading "officially" for clients. Because I kept using the deck (for classes and readings), the edges got pretty grubby so I went ahead and cut off the borders not knowing that it would make the deck pretty hard to shuffle. Oops. So now this deck goes on my bedside table, along with some knickknacks that friends have bought for me during their travels. Right now, it's my main "intention setter," and I like to switch the front facing card around depending on the vibe I want to manifest or channel.

I think the RWS is cool and every now and again, I do actually use it for clients. A lot can be said about the classics!

*I bought a fresh copy (with borders) soon after I did this.