Tarot Top 5: What I Learned from Using ONE Deck for Over a Month


I'm back!

It's been two months since I last posted in here, and the time away from content creation has been so, so, SO good for the soul. 

So I went on a five-week vacation and packed one (!!!) tarot deck and one (!!!) oracle deck with me. I did my daily draws and full moon - new moon readings, read for a friend in Switzerland, and that was about it. I was totally switched off the tarot world and by the time I came back home, I felt like a new person. Really.

I'm slowly getting back into the interwebz game but I'm trying to approach things more delicately. My hope for this new iteration of my site (I hope you like the new design!) is a more mindful approach to tarot, to spirituality, and to being online, in general.


Here are my takeaways:

  1. You only need one deck. It felt like my brain knew this, but I didn't really *know it* until I was forced to actually live it out. I brought the Centennial Smith Rider Waite deck with me and days after I'd gotten back and had access to my entire collection again, I still couldn't put it down. This one's a classic for a reason, guys. IT JUST WORKS.
  2. Do daily draws, but learn to see the big picture. While I traveled, I pulled cards daily and journaled about them. It was interesting to notice what cards or suits came up in certain cities, to observe how the Major Arcana cards resonated with a significant discovery or a particularly memorable place.
  3. My tarot wish list wasn't a *thing* anymore. I came home, stupefied by the number of decks I'd listed in my Bullet Journal's Wish List page (no shade on anyone who's got a deck addiction because I've been there). Switching off from constant visual stimulation did wonders on my pocket.
  4. I don't even really need oracle. I didn't use the deck I brought with me, not even once.
  5. Tarot is more useful if you're out there living.

So we'll see how my next couple of posts go as I start 2018 with a desire to practice more intentionally. It'll be exciting to see the upcoming shifts. I'll see you back here next week. xx