Valentine's Day Reading: Prompts for the Heart

Decks used:  Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition  (Danielle Noel),  Circo Tarot  (Marisa dela Peña),  Cards of Chaos  (Aya Rosen)

Decks used: Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition (Danielle Noel), Circo Tarot (Marisa dela Peña), Cards of Chaos (Aya Rosen)

Relationships are tricky. And if you do dive into the flurry of February 14th, love, relationships and everything that comes with it can get a little harder to handle. Before you get caught up in all the To Dos that Valentine's Day can bring, here's something to consider while taking a pause.

Lately, I've been hearing a lot from friends who've given up a lot to make their relationships work. Depending on the circumstances, bending over backwards in order to keep a relationship going has been both good and bad. It's really made me consider how careful we have to be to keep a good, healthy balance going in any relationship — whether romantic, platonic, familial or even individual.

Take a couple of minutes to think about the questions below and how your answers have helped shape your own relationships.  It's always wise to stop in the middle of the madness and assess your situation, wherever you may be!

  • What compromises are you willing to make for your partner?
  • Are you the type who keeps score when it comes to who's give up what within the relationship? 
  • Have the sacrifices you've made made you feel depleted, or have they filled you up emotionally?
  • How has your relationship benefitted you as an individual?
  • Has your own self-love grown because of your relationship? How have you been taking care of yourself alongside your partnership?