Tarot Top 5: Independence Edition

We celebrate a sort-of independence here in the Philippines this week, in honor of the People Power Revolution of 1986. While the country isn't exactly at peace at the moment (and neither is the world… but let's not get into politics!), I thought I would draw inspiration this week from the idea of independence and freedom, put on a more personal scale.

1. Tarot del Fuego (by Ricardo Cavolo). I feel like truly heartfelt freedom comes from a fiery passion and desire for it—the kind where you want it really bad and you're willing to fight for it. The fervor that I associate with fighting for yourself and your self-worth is represented well in this incredibly artful deck. The imagery that comes from this deck looks and feels like it's bursting in the seams. I find that's exactly how I feel when I'm put in a challenging situation that makes me realize how badly I want my freedom, and how far I would go to win it back. If you're interested in this deck, check out my review right here.

2. Iris Oracle (by Mary Elizabeth Evans, Spirit Speak). It may seem as though every list I put up has at least one deck by this artist, and really, that's meant to happen because I use the Spirit Speak decks A LOT. The Iris Oracle delves deep into shadows and emotions you don't confront everyday—it takes you down pretty deep but with purpose and a clear intent to help raise your spirits back up. When you're grasping for autonomy, you need support wherever you can get it. Pulling cards from the Iris Oracle is like talking to a well-respected, highly educated, empathetic counselor who only wants the best for you. I do a more in-depth review of this deck over here.

3. Connected and Free, The Alchemist's Oracle (by Lauren Aletta, Inner Hue). Sometimes, you just want simple, straightforward advice that doesn't have you running around in circles through your subconscious. It's complicated enough, that feeling of wanting enough freedom so you can breathe a little more easily—if you couple that with messages that have you falling deeper and deeper into helplessness, things may seem more grim than they actually are. A clear and concise oracle deck would work well in times like these, and this beauty by Inner Hue is just one example. The chakra cards that come with this deck are particularly helpful in helping you realign yourself energetically in order to attain independence. I do a full review of this deck right here.

4. Morgan's Tarot (by Morgan Robbins, US Games). When the issue you're dealing with is as serious as freedom and independence, you do need a little lightening up. This hippie-dippie deck isn't actually a tarot deck but a fun, oddball, goofy oracle deck that does have a little bit of wisdom tucked into its black and white illustrations and handwritten messages. Yes, you may pull a card that has a drawing of a robot and that's all you're left with (good for a laugh, right?)… but you may also pull a card that says, "Don't worry, you can do no wrong" and that's just wonderful. In any case, this is a great set of cards for someone who's immersed in some drama and needs a little bit of perspective.

5. The Light Grey Tarot (Light Grey Art Lab). I know a lot of people are iffy about collaborative tarot decks, but this one gets it right. Every card is designed by a different artist, but everything falls together in a pretty cohesive, well thought out collection of tarot cards. There's an odd photo card in the mix (hello, six of pentacles), but apart from that everything fits pretty well regardless of different art styles and genres. It's the collaborative aspect that makes this deck an ideal one to tap for readings that have to do with independence. After all, realizing your freedom doesn't mean isolating yourself from the collective—it's finding your own voice and finding out that it plays a part in a bigger whole.