New Moon with the Moon Deck

In need of a New Moon message? Head over to my  Instagram page  for today's Moon Deck reading. // Bag by  Circo Tarot  (Marisa dela Peña)

In need of a New Moon message? Head over to my Instagram page for today's Moon Deck reading. // Bag by Circo Tarot (Marisa dela Peña)

I got back into tarot deck, largely because of my constant online window shopping over at Free People. Their blog, BLDG 25, is packed with inspiration when it comes to eating clean, practicing yoga, and adding some fresh sparkle to your life — definitely everything I'm about!

I had already seen The Moon Deck making its rounds online, but didn't really pay attention to it until I spotted a write-up on BLDG 25 about one of the deck creators, Aarona Ganesan, on The Power of Mantra. The melding of oracle, yoga asana, and mantras for meditation appealed to me — and since I don't have a lot of oracle decks anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and get my hands on The Moon Deck.

Environmentally conscious, the cards and its guidebook are printed on recycled material, use vegetable ink and make use of wind power — a nice touch, especially since the The Moon Deck is geared towards an audience that cares about carbon footprint, recycling, and all that comes with it. It also comes in a lovely wooden box made in India — while I initially thought I'd be using the box for the deck, I figured that a pouch would be more convenient for me (I use a purple one from my Circo Tarot — the color is a perfect match!). 

The set holds 44 cards that each have a mantra. I feel that the mantras in and of themselves are simple enough to go by everyday (lovely for a morning pull), but if you need a more thorough message, the guidebook will provide a lot of meat as well as some suggestions for rituals that are complementary to the individual cards. I use these cards primarily as an addendum to bigger spreads so I haven't really done any of the rituals just yet. I can imagine these activities would be great for an out of town yoga retreat though!

The Moon Deck is directed towards women and is very clear about it — that said, I don't think men should feel uncomfortable about using this deck also. We all, after all, have both masculine and feminine energies within us.

As a yoga practitioner and yoga instructor, I appreciate how this deck incorporates yoga asana into its mantras. I know that majority of people take yoga for its physical benefits, but the deeper you head into your practice the more obvious it becomes that these poses do have emotional and spiritual links too. Very recently, I experienced a huge emotional release while in a yin practice in the exact Butterfly pose pictured above. My lower back completely let loose and a surge of feels I never even knew I was holding in began to release as well. It was a meaningful and very unexpected thing — and it's for special moments like that I feel The Moon Deck holds more than what your run of the mill oracle offers.

I feel like this deck presents its users with a case of you get exactly what you put in. If you spend time with your draws and even go so far as incorporating the rituals in your life, you can pull so much meaning from it.