Full Moon Reading: Positivity Pep Talk

The Full Moon message today hinges on trust in the Self. We can't blame ourselves for going into a panic when life throws us curveballs. While we all hope to be as detached as we can from the downs of life, it's only normal to feel thrown off course. But when the emotional tizzy settles down and when you're left with the question, "What next?," trust that your experience, your intuition, and all that practical knowledge you've acquired over the years will lead you towards the right path.

When all your energy goes into worrying whether you're going to meet your bill deadlines or match the targets you set for your savings this year, you'll be draining yourself of your ultimate resource—your inner compass. The Hummingbird radiates positivity—it just knows where to go to gather nectar, and how to keep itself alive and vibrant. You can do the same if you can conjure up some optimism even in the most dire of straits. Be hopeful that abundance is there for you—that you have the ability to take steps towards it, that it may even be surrounding you right now. The 10 of Pentacles can stand for financial richness but it doesn't limit itself to money matters. When you stop worrying about the day to day, even for just a moment, your vision can clear and recognize what you've already got going for you. And when you realize just how much you have, it's so much easier to believe that there's more in store for you.

Charm may not always come in handy, but in this case, I feel it could be useful. How can you quietly attract abundance? By recognizing that you are spiritually resourceful and that you can find positivity in your situation. You are the key. It may take a while to get to your goal and you may take a few wrong turns, but trust that you know where to go and how to get there and you'll get your answers.