Deck Collectors' Challenge: Days 13 to 18

Decks used:  Maybe Lenormand  (Ryan Edward, US Games);  Iris Oracle, Spirit Speak Tarot, Divina Tarot, Vessel Oracle  (by Mary Elizabeth Evans, Spirit Speak)

Decks used: Maybe Lenormand (Ryan Edward, US Games); Iris Oracle, Spirit Speak Tarot, Divina Tarot, Vessel Oracle (by Mary Elizabeth Evans, Spirit Speak)

One of the many reasons why I'm loving this #tarotcollectorchallenge is that it distracts me from unnecessary and unwieldy deck shopping. Really giving your collection some thought can remind you that what you have is often enough. Of course I wouldn't mind adding some more decks to my heap of cards (cue in: Ariel from The Little Mermaid singing about her gadgets and gizmos), but for now, this will do.

Your go to deck for shadow work: Iris Oracle / Divina Tarot. There is something about Mary Elizabeth Evans' most current creations that speaks straight to my heart. Her artwork is simple and soft with the Divina, and her phrases in the Iris Oracle are succinct and straightforward… this is probably why these two decks cut through all the BS and go right at the issue at hand. For shadow work and for dealing with all that baggage I would rather not confront, this is exactly what *I* need. Cards that keep it real, but do so with a compassionate, loving and kind, kind voice.

Your go to deck for invoking the muse: Spirit Speak / Vessel Oracle. When I first got the Spirit Speak Tarot, I was so inspired to create anything, I wrote a short story for each of its major arcana cards. Well, that was the hope… I spent about a week at my neighborhood coffee shop (shoutout to Craft) just writing and writing and writing until real life kicked in and I had to do actual work. That said, it didn't take a lot to inspire me to lose myself in my short stories because of the ideas that Spirit Speak evoked. The Vessel Oracle, on the other hand, is a favorite among my clients. When they pull cards from this deck, I try and append the one-word meanings on the cards and they stop me before I can finish, telling me they know exactly what it means, no explanations necessary.

Your go to deck for divination: Maybe Lenormand. When you're in the mood for some off the cuff fortunetelling, there's nothing like the Lenormand to give you answers. I never take "predicting" seriously (and anyone I've ever read for knows that I always give disclaimers for them to take anything predictive with a grain of salt), but for a dose of fun, this 52-card deck is my go to. It's simple, easy, and offers so much more than your ordinary Lenormand.

Your most coveted self published deck: The Crippa Tarot from Il Meneghello that is still a wish I put out into the universe. It will be mine one day. Until then, I will dream about trips to Italy and visits to this wonderful shop. (And yes, I have actually dreamt of this deck twice since I first came across it online.) I promise to explain why I've been dreaming about this deck that is yet to be part of my collection once I actually acquire it, but 'til then, I will remain mum and mysterious.

Your most coveted mass market deck: Ostara Tarot / Linestrider Tarot. I have had the pleasure of seeing these decks being backed and being sold as personal projects and I, unfortunately, did not jump on the bandwagon and realized later on that these self-published editions have been SOLD OUT. I am lucky that they both have been acquired, however, by big publishing companies and so I am gleefully awaiting the day I finally purchase them. At the start of the year, I told myself I'd get both of them for my birthday (the Ostara will be released in April and my birthday's on the first week), but we'll see if I'll be able to hold out longer.

Your favorite tarot guidebook: Divina Tarot. It's small, it's binded nicely, it's by one of my favorite artists, and its messages, like I said earlier, speak straight to my heart. I don't really need paragraphs upon paragraphs about why an artist chose to depict a certain card a particular way, or details about history and process and whatnot. But if the message delivered makes me feel like the author is talking right to me? I am a goner!