Deck Collectors' Challenge: Day 7 to 12

Decks used:  Delos Tarot  (lamb lamb99),  Morgan's Tarot  (Morgan Robbins, US Games),  Thoth Tarot  (Aleister Crowley, Lady Frieda Harris, AGM-Urania),  Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition  (Danielle Noel)

Decks used: Delos Tarot (lamb lamb99), Morgan's Tarot (Morgan Robbins, US Games), Thoth Tarot (Aleister Crowley, Lady Frieda Harris, AGM-Urania), Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition (Danielle Noel)

Last week, I started the #tarotcollectorchallenge by  (it's never too late to join a challenge, even one that started in January!). It's been fun to go through my decks and really think about their similarities and differences, and how they've fit in (or out) of my life. It's always fun to take someone's tag and run with it — I'm hoping my insights help you sort through your own collections.

The deck that surprised you the most: Thoth. My history with the Thoth is quite colorful because it was my first deck—something I bought because I wanted to do "fortune telling" for fun with friends in college (we asked questions and I read through the LWB and had no idea what anything meant). I couldn't connect with the deck and chucked it. Years later, I picked up my tarot practice again, found my deck and figured out why the Thoth was different and how it worked and now I love it. Trimming the borders off my deck also worked wonders for me—now it's one of my fave reads.

The deck you thought you would love but didn't: Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition. I love the new age-y vibe of the Starchild Tarot, the pinks and the aquas and the purples and pops of red. I had to save for this deck because it is by no means inexpensive, and when I finally got it in time for Christmas two years ago, I was surprised that I didn't immediately connect to it. Some of the art, I feel is rough around the edges… I'm wishing that the cropping wasn't so harsh for the photo manipulated images, and some of the vector art I feel could still be softened. I don't love the Starchild but I do pull it out every now and again—I realize that it's not a deck I love for single or three-card draws, but when you see a full-fledged spread of all the cards? BEAUTIFUL.

The weirdest deck in your collection: Morgan's Tarot. I bought this at a local New Age shop because I loved the hippy dippy images. I had no idea it wasn't an actual tarot deck, but instead held oracle messages of a very trip nature. Clients always crack up at this deck, which I like bringing with me for fun, quick-read events.

The sweetest deck in your collection: Delos Tarot. The storybook quality of the illustrations, the pinks and yellows, and the almost anime-like drawings give off a very sweet, easy to grasp, easy to get along with vibe. This deck makes all the "scary" cards accessible because it's so kindhearted.

Your all around deck: Wild Unknown. When all else fails, my go-to deck always saves the day. The Wild Unknown helped me crack the tarot—its modern depictions helped me access meanings and archetypes in a way that no other deck could. 

Your go to deck for relationship readings: Lumina Tarot. I think this is because the Lumina's court cards have such a distinct and real look—it helps clients put themselves in the shoes of the people easily. Like the Wild Unknown, I feel like modern depictions help make the tarot relatable to people today. Instead of racking your brain for ways in which you see yourself or your partner as a King, Queen, Knight or Page, you're able to pick up right away, through the Lumina, what personality traits you identify with.

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