Full Moon Reading: Decision Making Do's

Decks used:  Pagan Otherworlds Tarot  (UUSI Design Studio) and  Light Grey Tarot  (Light Grey Art Lab)

Decks used: Pagan Otherworlds Tarot (UUSI Design Studio) and Light Grey Tarot (Light Grey Art Lab)

Is there something you're on the fence about this Full Moon? I'm hoping that this reading can offer up some guidance over the decision-making process, so you're not left analyzing your choices to death and that you can finally get yourself to a resolution that's right for you.

The 2 of Swords talks about a time of stagnation, where you're pondering your choices and really giving each side a good, solid think. It's the time of making the Pros and Cons list and being really fair about it—giving enough chances to either side so you're sure you're doing the logical thing. While stopping to think is always a good idea, sometimes we invest too much of ourselves in the process, in the weighing of things, and in the contemplation. And when that happens, we succumb to inertia and the inability to actually, finally, make a move.

We're so tuned in that we forget about the bigger picture. We take so long in analyzing that we forget that time moves forward constantly, and that if we take too long, opportunities pass us by.

And that's where the Queen of Pentacles comes in handy. She embodies that feeling of security that we are surrounded by limitless abundance—that no matter where our crossroads lead us to, we will be safe and nurtured and comforted. She isn't irresponsibly impulsive, but she doesn't let herself stagnate either. She knows how to soften her mind so much that when big choices come to her, she's able to confidently go with any option, knowing that life will take care of her either way.

Give that decision a bit of room to breathe this full moon. Practice gratitude the way the Queen of Pentacles does and stay steady and steadfast. Pick, decide, and be confident in the knowledge that you're going to experience the fullness of life as long as you make a choice.