10 Questions every Tarot Reader Must Answer - Part 2

I'm tackling the second half of this fun tag, first posted by the wonderful Jess of Tarot Seed. If you're a tarot enthusiast in anyway, I highly recommend answering these questions—posting about them online or even just figuring stuff out for yourself. :)

Is the message in the cards, or in your head? I believe the answers are within us: some of it in our heads, some of it in our hearts, and some of it somewhere in between. The cards are conduits and tools that help us access the wisdom of our subconscious.


Are you a priest or a fortune-teller? Neither! I am adamant about not reading fortunes or predicting anything, and I'm most certainly not a priest. I'm a tarot reader—I read the cards and try to help people work through whatever their situation may be.

Are you a fixer or a looker? I'm a looker. My observations of the cards, I'd like to think, can help people fix their problems, but the fixing, I would attribute to the querents I read for and from me!

Do you read for free, or for a fee? For a fee :) Sometimes I do free readings for friends, but I do it as a form of energy exchange. For the most part, I charge for my readings—it's a business for me these days.

Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading? Again, I predict nothing! When the mood is right and light-hearted and I know the querent and I are just throwing things out into the Universe for fun, then I'll answer a "yes or no" question. Not without a disclaimer though that this is purely for fun and if hopes are dashed and expectations aren't met, that maybe we can all just "blame it on the cards." I do this with good friends or with people who I know don't take these readings too seriously—I would certainly not do this for someone who's got a lot of emotion invested in a reading.

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