Full Moon: Working with Others

Decks used:  Small Spells Tarot  (Rachel Howe),  Metro Tarot Cards  (Aya Rosen),  Circo Tarot  (Marisa dela Peña)

Decks used: Small Spells Tarot (Rachel Howe), Metro Tarot Cards (Aya Rosen), Circo Tarot (Marisa dela Peña)

For the most part, I work as a freelancer, which means I am mostly by myself and I engage with others on an on and off basis. "Doesn't it get lonely?" is the most frequent question I get, especially from folks who are used to a more corporate, office setting. I say, NEVER, because I prefer to work on my own terms and with as little back and forth from others as possible.

That said, there's no avoiding being around people for work. The 8 of Pentacles reminds me that I have to keep giving my best and working on sharpening my skills (there's a lot we can learn from others in a group setting!). The 7 of Knives, however, makes me vary wary about being surrounded by other people because the ideas and work I put out is quite sacred to me… and just the idea that others may take credit for what's mine drives me nuts!

Temperance reminds me that this interaction among coworkers and colleagues doesn't have to err on either extreme. All we need is a good balance, honest communication, and the ability to step back and relax. Work is important but it's not the most important thing in the world.

If you being plunked in the middle of a group setting is making you as uncomfortable as it makes me, here are some prompts that might help you put ease into your situation:

  • Can checks and balances be implemented so everyone's sure to be pulling their own weight?
  • How can this work environment help you progress in your own personal skills?
  • Can you take one for the team and set your ego aside?
  • How can you address coworkers who you feel are taking advantage of the work you're putting in?
  • Could you be the one who's cruising in this team scenario—and are you okay with not lifting a finger because you know everyone else will be covering for you? How can you make the situation right?

Anything to make work feel less like work and more like fun is always a good thing, so I hope these questions and reflections help make your situation better and brighter.