Care and Nurture: The Empress

In case you haven't been following along, I've been tackling the Major Arcana cards one by one on this blog—the Practical Magic way. Check back on the archives for previous posts if you're looking for yet another way to approach the cards. That said, let's move right on along to today's card, The Empress.

Deck used:  Divina Tarot  (Spirit Speak)

Deck used: Divina Tarot (Spirit Speak)

The Empress is often referred to as the "mom" card—the sum of all things feminine that the Universe has to offer. She's receptive yet simultaneously giving. She's caring and nurturing. She is embodied by the lush blooms of spring and the harvest you feast on in autumn (check out all the fruits in the card above!). She's bounty and fertility personified. The wealth of creativity housed in the Empress is often represented by a pregnant woman… I mean, think about it—if a mother can help a baby grow in her womb for nine months and eventually birth it into the world, imagine what else we can create when we tap into our inner Empresses?

One of my best friends just gave birth and I visited her at the hospital today and saw her as someone so full of life and love. That's what I love to associate with this card… those rare and very special moments in life when you have so much of your spirit to offer that you can't help but make something of it. It's the sappy poem you wrote as a teenager, trying to capture that first spark of infatuation. Or that one time you venture into the kitchen and everything clicks, even without a recipe, your food tastes great and you want everyone to have a bite.

Decks used:  Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot  (Nicoletta Ceccoli, Lo Scarabeo);  Sakki-Sakki Tarot  (Monicka Clio Sakki);  Dreaming Way Tarot  (Rome Choi and Kwon Shina, US Games);  Metro Tarot Cards  (Aya Rosen, Gamecrafter)

Decks used: Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot (Nicoletta Ceccoli, Lo Scarabeo); Sakki-Sakki Tarot (Monicka Clio Sakki); Dreaming Way Tarot (Rome Choi and Kwon Shina, US Games); Metro Tarot Cards (Aya Rosen, Gamecrafter)

Pretty Standard Stuff About The Fool (check out the Sakki Sakki and Dreaming Way depictions pictured above):

  • The color orange that dominates the Empress of the Sakki Sakki card can be associated with the sacral chakra—the seat of our creativity. It's where passion and creativity and sensuality reside—all these personality traits are strongly linked to the Empress' ultra-feminine vibe.
  • The Dreaming Way Empress has her hand resting on her pregnant belly, a representation of all the exciting possibilities someone carrying this energy can brew, baste and eventually birth. Her expression is serene and content—it doesn't take much for her to glow. All she has to do is bask in the richness of that plentiful f

But what about cards that go off the beaten path? (As shown by the Ceccoli and Metro Tarot cards):

  • The Empress of the Ceccoli Tarot shows us a woman who looks through a magnifying glass. She is caring and receptive enough to not miss the subtleties. She's the friend who picks up on the signals you send when you're not feeling great. She's someone who asks you what's wrong and wants to make things better.
  • The Metro Tarot's Empress is drawn in a monochromatic black and white, save for the punchy, fire-engine red lipstick she has on. There's nothing like a true red lip to make you feel like a Woman (with a capital W!).

Just because the Empress is associated with feminine energy, doesn't mean you have to restrict yourself to any one sex or gender. The thing about the tarot is that it encompasses parts of the Self that are present in everyone, in every situation, environment or circumstance. Expand your understanding of this card by asking yourself these questions:

  • In what ways do you express care or nurture?
  • What do you associate with passion and sensuality? Does the expression of the Empress on your chosen deck agree with your own preconceived notions or does it take you down a different path?
  • What other parts of life can "pregnancy" represent? Is there anything you want to birth and cultivate at this particular moment?

Hope you've been enjoying this series so far, folks! Next week, we move from the feminine to the masculine with the Emperor. A bientot!