Tarot Top 5: Intention Setters

Decks used:  Osho Zen Tarot  (OSHO),  Guardian Angel Tarot  (Doreen Virtue),  Divina Taro t (Mary Elizabeth Evans, Spirit Speak),  Ceccoli Oracle  (Nicoletta Ceccoli, Lo Scarabeo),  Madam Clara Sees All  (Motel Gift Shop)

Decks used: Osho Zen Tarot (OSHO), Guardian Angel Tarot (Doreen Virtue), Divina Tarot (Mary Elizabeth Evans, Spirit Speak), Ceccoli Oracle (Nicoletta Ceccoli, Lo Scarabeo), Madam Clara Sees All (Motel Gift Shop)

Confession: Sometimes, I pull cards just for the heck of it. As in last week's Tarot Top 5, I find shuffling the cards and just playing around with them a great way to bust through boredom. A lot of times we look at the tarot as a highly esoteric and spiritual practice that helps us get in touch with the deepest parts of ourselves. The images in the cards help add power to the intentions and mantras we set for our lives or for specific moments and people, and consequently, these intentions help us live our lives with much more purpose.

When I'm going through big changes in life, rough patches or puzzling dilemmas, I do use the cards to help set intentions. It's not my constant state, however… and I'm thankful for that because when I do use the tarot with purposeful intent, I tend to really get into it, using up all my energy to feel all the feelings and really engage with all my insights. (We can't be 100% spiritual and deep all the time, can we? I know I wouldn't want to be "on" 24/7!)

It's times like these when I need cards that really help me get in the zone. Here are the decks I use to help me set the tone for more spiritually charged, dig-deep types of readings.

  • Osho Zen Tarot. It's the keywords that really connects me to the Osho Zen… and who better to turn to for some intense meditation and journaling than Osho himself, right? Some people have pointed out how the "Schizophrenia" card can be problematic, but that aside, I find that this very Zen deck is helpful. I use this deck when I want clarity. During times when I feel like something's not right in my life and how I'm living it but I can't really pinpoint why, the prompts from this deck help me gain some perspective. (Find out more about this deck in my review).
  • Guardian Angel Tarot. When you want to set positive intentions in your life and pull the 10 of Swords, things can get a little confusing. With this super sweet deck and its all-positive all the time vibe, you're always showered with optimism. And I find that setting intentions, especially when you don't know where to start or how to do it, is always benefitted by being hopeful. (Curious about this deck? Check out my review over at this link).
  • Divina Tarot. The second tarot deck from prolific creator Mary Elizabeth Evans pairs soft and simple imagery with extremely comforting words. I love how malleable the messages from this tarot deck are — they can adapt to any situation, to any emotion, to any person, which makes them perfect for developing a mantra to meditate on. (I tackle this deck and how well it pairs with the Wild Unknown Spirit Cloth over here).
  • Ceccoli Oracle. When you're going through a pretty intense time, Nicoletta Ceccoli's macabre artwork can help you get in touch with your shadows. I find this deck particularly relevant when I'm doing shadow work and need to get in touch with my inner darkness. Despite the sometimes grotesque imagery, the card descriptions in the accompanying guidebook are full of hope. Don't use this deck if you don't have a lot of time — I find that you need more than a few minutes to really sit with a card and derive intention and meaning from it. (I review this deck and its tarot counterpart over here).
  • Madam Clara Sees All. It's ironic how we sometimes find ourselves grasping for words when we need them the most. When you're finding yourself particularly at a loss when it comes to what you want for your life, it helps to get some actual verbal or written guidance from the cards. This lovely deck spells it out for you so you don't have to pile more pressure on yourself during already-difficult times. With descriptions per card for upright and reversed positions, you can rely on the card's messages straight away, instead of trying to figure them out for yourself. (See my review on this deck over here).

Hope this jumpstarts your own intention setting practice, folks. It's always a good thing when life prompts us to live more meaningfully. :)