Travel with Tarot: My Carrying Case

Decks used:  Crippa Tarot  (Il Meneghello),  Cards of Chaos  (Aya Rosen, Gamecrafter),  Madam Clara Sees All  (Motel Gift Shop)

Decks used: Crippa Tarot (Il Meneghello), Cards of Chaos (Aya Rosen, Gamecrafter), Madam Clara Sees All (Motel Gift Shop)

I've always loved the look of "official" bags. The Pan Am bags flight attendants would bring with them in the 60s, traditional doctors' bags that they would bring with them on home visits, Mary Poppins' bottomless well of a bag, and Anne of Green Gables' carpet bag. I mean, who doesn't love accessorizing, right?

So while I've got a few decks stowed in pouches and bags, and sometimes I do use my Glossier pink pouches to bring my decks with me to readings (bonus: they're waterproof!), I always thought an official tarot bag would be pretty cool.

Enter, UK brand Cath Kidston. I have a couple of items from this country chic brand—card cases, coin purses, some washi tape. I've always loved the look of their sewing kits and as much as I'd love to be the kind of girl who can mend a hem, repair a hole, and do all the things my Home Economics teacher used to teach us to do in grade school, I'm so not. 

I passed the shop during one of my tarot reading events and saw the kit on sale and it immediately made sense to me—I could use the case as my "official" tarot bag! Brilliant. Cath Kidston's sewing kits have a removable tray with compartments that are probably meant for spools of thread, needles, and such… but I find they're also great ways to store some crystals, my business cards (I get a lot of questions about them—I had them customized at Rifle Paper Co.), and even appropriately sized cards.

When you remove the tray, you get a deeper bottom compartment that is perfect for storing larger decks, reading cloths, and when I'm in the mood to set the mood during readings, I can even bring bundled sage and a lighter (matches are more romantic but I have to be honest, way less practical). 

I'm not the type to "play the part" when it comes to client readings (i.e., bringing a crystal ball, wearing gypsy-like clothes, etc.). You can tell by my tarot aesthetic that I prefer a more real-world approach… which is why this kit is such a great fit for me. Cath Kidston varies styles every season, and as of this writing, their current sewing box on offer is in the shape of a house (roof, windows, and all!) which is so darling it makes me want to buy a second kit.

Another pro of this brand is their signature heavy-duty oil cloth—easy to wipe, impossible to stain, and as hardy as it gets, you're ensured that your pretty tarot kit will look every bit as fine as when you bought it years down the line.

What do carry your decks in? :)