Better Together: The Light Grey Tarot and the Vessel Oracle

Photos:  Vessel Oracle  (Mary Elizabeth Evans, Spirit Speak) and  Light Grey Tarot  (Light Grey Art Lab)

Photos: Vessel Oracle (Mary Elizabeth Evans, Spirit Speak) and Light Grey Tarot (Light Grey Art Lab)

I'm doing a tarot and oracle rewind this week as I dive into two decks that helped me kick off my spiritual practice early on. Still in production, these two independently published decks are light, modern and easy on the eyes—probably why they grabbed my attention right away!

The Vessel Oracle by Spirit Speak (one of my absolute favorite artists!) is a 35-card deck that is easily my most-used oracle for a lot of reasons. Its sturdy box with a magnetic enclosure can take a beating, which makes it ideal for me tote it around wherever I go. Also, its mix of neutral, shadow and light messages (anxiety vs connect, choice vs rest) encompasses an entire of relatable archetypes that anyone can easily connect with.

Over on the tarot side, the Light Grey Tarot side with its surprising $25 price tag is pretty hard to resist. The collaborative deck takes a wide array of art styles to create a cohesive collection of tarot images. One of the very first decks I ever bought, I'd say it was one of my major initiators into tarot collecting—the face that launched a thousand ships (LOL I don't have a thousand decks)!

Both decks come with the standard little books, which I actually used quite a lot (notice that I did tape down the Light Grey Tarot's guidebook because it was getting so much use) because I purchased these decks when I was still pretty new to tarot and oracle. I find that the Vessel Oracle is more easy to dive into your intuition with, while the Light Grey Tarot takes a bit of time to really pull from your third eye chakra, especially if you're used to traditional RWS images. Yes, the deck subscribes to the traditional meanings, but because the artists do take their liberties when it comes to interpreting the standard meanings we know, it can take a bit of time to get used to.

As for card stock, these two are some of the most conducive decks for riffle shuffling. Thin enough to bend and flex, and with enough slip to fan out on a flat surface, they're great for days when you've got a lot of heavy-duty shuffling to do.

I am in love with the art styles that permeate through these decks. If you've been following me for some time or if you have a look at my blog posts, you'll know that I am a die hard Spirit Speak fan! Mary Elizabeth Evans' raw illustrations are bright and vibrant in the card backs, but minimal and simplistic when it comes to the actual cards. I love the subtle use of pink and the hand scrawled titles. Organic, easy and effortless, they feel like the kind of doodles you pass around in class behind your teacher's back.

The Light Grey Tarot on the other hand uses a modern type of cuneiform for its card backs. Its black and white pattern makes for a lovely contrast to the Vessel's pink and blue hues. Because Light Grey Art Lab is a gallery, its curation of artists is well thought out. Shoutout to the Empress card which was illustrated by a Filipino artist, Soleil Ignacio.

Both decks are sized well—the Light Grey Art Lab takes a standard tarot deck size while the Vessel is a little stouter and shorter. You'll see in the photo above how well the illustrations weave together, with Light Grey's subdued tones and Vessel's deliberate use of black, white and color. The Light Grey Tarot relies heavily on digital art while Vessel is all hand-drawn, it shows how one style juxtaposed against another can work harmoniously, providing the perfect backdrop for readers to weave a story.

Some of my earliest clients have been my guinea pigs when it comes to using these two decks together, and I feel that the messages we gathered from the readings have resonated pretty well with them. Personally, I pull these two decks together when I don't want to dive too deeply and heavily into the cards (that's not to say that they can deliver a punch!). The vibe that the Light Grey Tarot and Vessel conjures is pretty easygoing without being fluffy, and magical without being extraordinarily fantastical. My favorite feature of these two together is how straightforward they are—they certainly don't beat around the bush which fits my reading style to a tee.

Interested to find out more about these decks? Drop me a line and let's get a conversation started!