New Moon: Where the Light Is

Decks used:  Fountain Tarot  (Jason Gruhl, Andi Todaro, Jonathan Saiz) and  Mayhem Tarot  (Cait Zellers)

Decks used: Fountain Tarot (Jason Gruhl, Andi Todaro, Jonathan Saiz) and Mayhem Tarot (Cait Zellers)

This New Moon, let's try and figure out where we find light in our lives. It's way too easy to give in to shadows and darkness and just stay in that space of wallowing, grief and sadness… but when we pull cards that remind us that light does exist, it may be just that much easier to work our way towards whatever optimism and positivity that eludes us.

The 10 of Cups shows promise in relationships. When things aren't going your way and you're completely powerless to change external circumstances, it helps to fall back on tried and tested friendships. People who know you best can be relied on to give you exactly the kind of light you  need… they know when you just need someone to hear you out through all your whining and grumbling; they know when you need to hear the brutal truth; they know when you need someone to take you out for drinks. Seek the company of people you love and it's impossible to not see some semblance of hope.

The Hermit shows us that we do possess our own light… we just need to get ourselves in the right frame of mind to get in touch with it. Maybe what you need during this time of darkness is some intense introspection. Journaling is always a practice I turn to when I'm in my Hermit zone… it doesn't matter what I write (I hardly ever go back and read it anyway!)—all that matters is I get those thoughts out so they stop taking space. Once they're released, the light can start settling back in.

How do you find light in your life? Would you rather be alone or be surrounded by good company? Whatever your preference is, just know that somewhere out there lies the optimism you crave or the positivity you've forgotten exists. All you have to do is open yourself up to rediscovering it.