Shine Your Light: The Sun

Here comes the sun, little darling. Whether I'm reading Lenormand or Tarot, whenever this card comes up, I feel a little better. Like the ray of sunshine it symbolizes, and like the Beatles say, the Sun is a sign that "it's all right." And really—when you're pulling cards for yourself or are asking someone to read for you, all you really want to know is that everything's going to be alright… right?

Deck used:  Holly Simple Tarot  (Holly Simple)

Deck used: Holly Simple Tarot (Holly Simple)

The Sun, taken literally, is our source of light, energy, vibrancy and heat. And those are exactly the things I think of when this Major Arcana card comes up. Everyone needs a good and healthy dose of Vitamin D. Just imagine the feeling of basking under the sun while on vacation at a beach—that little sunny snapshot just gives off this vibe that tells you "Life is good."

On the opposite side of the fence—and everyone who relates to the suit of Wands will probably be with me on this—too much sun exposure can be a horrible thing. You can't be in "Life is good" mode forever. You can't be laying out on a beach towel all hours of the day. Too much sun can burn you… which is the often forgotten shadow side of this typical 'good luck' card.

What I like about the Sun card as opposed to the rest of the Major Arcana is its simplicity, especially in the Holly Simple deck. Everyone has a sense of what the Sun is, so even if there are some hidden, esoteric meanings within the card itself, you can just take it for what it is and instinctively know what it's about.

Decks used:  Wooden Tarot  (Skullgarden),  Sakki Sakki Tarot  (Monicka Clio Sakki),  Light Grey Tarot  (Light Grey Art Lab),  Black Lilly Tarot  (Aya Rosen, Gamecrafter)

Decks used: Wooden Tarot (Skullgarden), Sakki Sakki Tarot (Monicka Clio Sakki), Light Grey Tarot (Light Grey Art Lab), Black Lilly Tarot (Aya Rosen, Gamecrafter)

Pretty Standard Stuff About the Sun (as seen in the Black Lilly Tarot and the Light Grey Tarot):

  • The Sun usually has a naked baby riding a white horse, for those who are looking at the RWS… I like how the Light Grey Tarot uses a child holding a white horse (albeit, just its head) in a sunflower field instead. This represents unabashed, pure (naked!) joy.
  • Sunflowers are a common theme, for obvious reasons. Always facing the sun, I feel like they're also representative of how when we're in that "Sun" space or energy, it's impossible to refuse the good vibes—no matter how we try to shun them away (for whatever reason).

But what about cards that go off the beaten path? (Check out the depictions of the Wooden Tarot and the Sakki Sakki Tarot).

  • The Wooden Tarot's creature has morphed into half animal, half sunflower. I feel like this card challenges you to find how you can be your own cheerleader—not looking for good luck outside, but drawing from within instead.
  • On a more personal note, I love how the Sakki Sakki Tarot's Sun card is filled with Eiffel Tower's lining the bottom. I have a special love for Paris and any image of the City of Light makes me so, so happy :)

Just two cards left on this journey through the Major Arcana… PHEW! I hope you've been enjoying this run through and have found some helpful tips. Will see you soon with my ultimate shadow card, Judgement. (dun-dun-duuuun!)