Tarot x 5: The Zombie Tarot

Deck used:  Zombie Tarot  (Paul Kepple and Stacey Graham, Quirk Books). Collage images by  Rookie .

Deck used: Zombie Tarot (Paul Kepple and Stacey Graham, Quirk Books). Collage images by Rookie.

If there was one deck that took me from plain tarot enthusiast to collector, this would be the one. Before discovering the Zombie Tarot, I was already pretty satisfied with my Wild Unknown—it was the deck, after all, that helped me unlock the tarot! I had no clue there were other well-designed, modern decks out there (I hadn't even begun scoping YouTube for deck reviews at this point). So when I spotted the Zombie Tarot, with its kooky, mid-century modern look and witty depictions, I was taken completely by surprise.

What's my favorite card? I like the 9 of Cups in this deck because it shows her self-satisfied and outfitted for the zombie apocalypse, all the while imagining her dream vacation in tropical paradise (hopefully not infested by flesh-eating zombies). I think we focus way too much on The Dream (I'm totally guilty of this) and forget to acknowledge how well-placed we are in our lives. It's a reminder not to be cocky because we can always wish for more, but also a signal for us to be grateful for getting ourselves wherever we are in the first place.

What's my least favorite card? The Page of Swords. Is she angry? Is she sneaking up on someone? She looks like that annoying tattletale classmate you have in grade school. Ugh. LOL. 

Despite my lack of love for the Page of Swords, I should give the Zombie Tarot props for helping me crack the tarot court. After my unsuccessful study with the Wild Unknown's animals, the humans in this tarot deck helped me relate to the court archetypes much better.

Getting ready for an evening chakra meditation at White Space.

Getting ready for an evening chakra meditation at White Space.

Who I was when I bought this deck? I was definitely into my meditation practice at this point in my life. Taking a serious step back from a super rigorous vinyasa yoga practice and over 12 hours a day spent at a studio, I needed to clear my head. White Space was my sanctuary at that time and I would frequently attend their chakra meditations.

When did I buy it? 2014.

Where did I buy it? At Fully Booked in Katipunan. Traffic to White Space is quite unpredictable so when I was attending classes there regularly, I would always go an hour or two early just to make sure I got a good parking spot. The yoga studio's building also had a Fully Booked so when I had time to kill, I would browse the books there, and that's where I spotted the Zombie Tarot.

How did I find it then and how do I use it now? The best part of getting the Zombie Tarot early on in my tarot studies was the guidebook. Succinct, smart and witty, it gave me a different layer of the tarot to explore; and a lot of my court knowledge comes from this deck. I also got the app on my phone, and these days (while I've been down with a really bad viral infection turned allergy) I turn to the app for my daily draws. Super convenient.

This is also a regular for my one-on-one readings—I just have to make sure I know my client well enough that the zombies don't spook them.

Why is it part of my collection? I actually gave this deck away to my cousin a few months after I'd gotten it because the card stock was a little rough to handle and I couldn't make heads or tails of it. I did, ultimately, miss the deck though so I snapped it up again (lucky for me, this is one of those rare, inexpensive finds!) and yup, I'm never letting it go this time.