Full Moon: Discover Duality

Decks Used:  Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot  and  Crippa Tarot  (Ferdinand Crippa, Il Meneghello)

Decks Used: Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot and Crippa Tarot (Ferdinand Crippa, Il Meneghello)

This month's Full Moon is particularly significant for me because it ushers me into a brand new phase for this year. It's been almost a year of planning leading up to my big vacation (I'm crossing the ocean and heading to Europe!), and the entire process has taught me the importance of pull and push, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, and duality.

There's been a lot of yang with the planning, making sure I've got all my papers together for visa applications, purchasing airline tickets… and a lot of yin with allowing my plans to be malleable and flexible, with the patience it takes to wait for visa results (I'm still waiting as I type this!), and with dreaming up a trip that will feed my creative spirit.

And so, my pull for this Full Moon couldn't have been more serendipitous and perfect because boy, am I experiencing duality in the day to day right now. Dame Darcy's lush, luxurious, organic and beautifully sensual Empress is both yin and yang. She's receptive and integrative. She allows the lessons of life to seep into her soul and settle there until she can use them to create something new. And the Crippa Tarot's Hermit (click the previous link for my review) also exemplifies a similar duality—he's silent and contemplative and ready to receive messages from his deepest Soul self; but at the same time he's on his feet and standing, positioned to move eventually (there's the yang!), after all the lessons are properly integrated within. 

Both archetypes, together, are perfect examples of our inner complexities—we may be a little more yin than yang at times, but we're never just one thing. And that, to me, is a pretty wonderful thing. :)

And if you're having trouble reaching into your Soul self to figure out the dualities that reside within, here are a few journal prompts (or even possible spread questions) to pull from:

  • What experiences, people or situations in your life do you have more than one feeling about? 
  • When do you feel your moods change most strongly? How does that make you feel — are you comfortable with swinging shifts or do they make you feel ill at ease?
  • Pick one of the situations / experiences / people you have opposing views on. Pull a card and reflect on what it tells you about how to reconcile your feelings.