Lenormand x 5: Fairy Tale Fortune Cards

Deck used:  Fairy Tale Fortune Cards  (Liz Dean and Bec Speight, Cico Books). Collage images by  Rookie .

Deck used: Fairy Tale Fortune Cards (Liz Dean and Bec Speight, Cico Books). Collage images by Rookie.

The second deck I ever bought was this mid-century modern looking deck of giant Lenormand cards called Fairy Tale Fortunes. The only deck I had prior to this was the Thoth Tarot, which I had purchased in the late 90s—I thought I was done with divination! That's until I spotted this deck, which I guess is to 'blame' for my deep dive into the cards that has taken me to building this website and putting up my own little Practical Magical biz.

What's my favorite card? The Moon, because (at least according to this particular deck) it's a reminder of all the talents, honors, and awesomeness you don't seen in yourself but others do. I love pulling this card when I'm reading for others—the expression on their faces when they're told that they are worthy, they are valuable and they deserve the spotlight is absolutely priceless. Reminding someone of how much they matter is one of the gifts that reading cards for others brings!

What's my least favorite card? The Lily. This deck links the Lily to your career and working life, but in other Lenormand decks, it means purity and well… a slew of other things. Because this is the first card I learned from, I tend to stick to the 'career' definition… and then consequently get really confused when I read everyone else's definition of the card. Grrr.

Who I was when I bought this deck? I was deep, deep, deeeeeeep into my vinyasa practice. I would tote my deck in my bag whenever I would go to the studio and sometimes do readings for teachers and other students. See me here at a special yoga class I was invited to as one of the folks who had recently completed teacher training. Why I was wearing eyeliner to a full-on 90-minute class, I do not know!

When did I buy it? December 31, 2012. I remember the date exactly because it was the afternoon before the New Year.

Where did I buy it? Fully Booked in Greenbelt 5—they were the only branch that still had a copy of this deck, which I had originally spotted in my neighborhood branch (Greenhills). I kept looking at the deck, week after week, and when I finally decided to buy it, perhaps as a New Year's gift to myself, it was *gasp* gone. I called the main branch and found out that Greenbelt still had the last copy.

How did I find it then and how do I use it now? I adored the deck before because the images were so cute! I am a huge mid-century modern design fan and the graphics of this deck seemed to fit so perfectly into that era. These days, I realize that Lenormand decks don't have to be so huge and now find this deck to be a little inconvenient. I pull this out when friends come over to my house for readings and it's okay to sprawl the cards out on the floor so we can take up as much as space as we can.

Photo credit: @esantonia

Photo credit: @esantonia

Why is it part of my collection? One, the nostalgia factor. This deck reintroduced me to the wonderful world of cards. Two, it connected me to people I consider to be my closest friends… This is a reading I did for a dear friend who I had just met at the time at my old yoga studio. We barely knew each other but somehow the cards resonated so much she actually took a photo! Three, because while I mostly read with tarot now, Lenormand is something that is part of my personal practice. I love how quick, snappy and practical the readings from the Fairy Tale Fortune Cards are.

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