A Case for Lenormand

Photo:  Maybe Lenormand  by Ryan Edward, US Games Inc.

Photo: Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edward, US Games Inc.

I'm more a tarot person than a cartomancy person. I've said it over and over—I just don't find "predicting" the future particularly useful.

And then there are times when I am v v drawn to my Lenormand cards. I don't have too many of them (certainly not as many decks as I have for tarot), but they have proven to be useful at very specific moments. 


1. They are a quick tension-reliever. When I'm particularly nervous about a situation, I don't want to delve deep into my subconscious and peel the layers of my soul. You know what I mean? Sometimes, you just want a freaking answer to a freaking question. And even if your mind knows that logically, only time has the answer to whatever pressing matter's bugging you, it helps to see something—anything. I'm just realizing now: Lenormand is my own personal version of a fidget spinner. 😬

Here's an example: A few months ago, I had a .0005% chance that I was going to be sent on a free trip for work. It was highly, highly unlikely but I really wanted it to happen. The decision was obviously not up to me (because if it had been I would have been Bye Felicia-ing everyone at home in an instant), and I had to wait about to week to find out if it was going to happen.

One of the few things that helped ease my anxiety? Lenormand. "What can you tell me about the free trip?" was the question. I would pull three cards, figure out their meaning, and then be done with it for the day. Natch, I would pull three cards and ask the same question again the next day, HAHA. The thing is, I wasn't really forming any attachments to any one answer—in fact, I don't even remember what the cards said, that's how insignificant the draws were in the big picture. But at that specific moment? They were very, very helpful.

PS: I didn't get set on the trip. You win some, you lose some.


2.  When you have a friend who can't calm down about some ongoing crisis. There are times for deep, soul conversations over coffee and tarot and there are times when your friend just needs a (proverbial) slap back to reality. I find Lenormand to be particularly helpful during these moments.

I had a coworker who, one day, was going through major anxiety when an ex's new girlfriend's cousin walked into our workplace. At that point, we weren't very close yet and I had no clue about her personal life. She asked if I could pull some cards for her and as luck would have it, I had a Lenormand deck with me. The quickdraw style of these cards calmed her down.

After the initial shock wore off and when she had finally told me about her past relationship et al, we started pulling tarot cards and she was able to make better sense of the situation.

In this case, Lenormand was a band-aid, but tarot was the medicine.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that Lenormand can't be medicine in and of itself, but I'm finding that in the circumstances I've been, it's become more of the quick fix rather than the full-on treatment.


3. When someone's in a 10 of swords moment but can't see it. I think Lenormand does a better job at getting straight to the point than tarot does because its' cards are direct and concise. They don't leave a lot of margin for interpretation. 

I had a friend who was in a relationship rut for a couple of years who kept complaining about how the Lenormand cards she pulled were always the same. Over and over again. When she finally figured that the Scythe meant putting an end to x and the Whip meant that she was repeatedly doing y, she finally decided to get a move on it and change. 

If the Lenormand cards hadn't been so clearcut each and every time, I don't think the message of change would have been ingrained in her.

How do *you* use Lenormand? Drop me a line and let me know! And, if you are a tarot person and basically have no idea what I'm talking about, I have a couple of useful (I hope) Lenormand-based posts for you to check out.