Deck Review: The Sacred Creators Oracle


Before the Sacred Creators Oracle, I was adamantly against buying any decks that had copy instead of full-on images. But I found myself in a big creative slump mid-2017 and didn't know how to get out of it. I gave myself a couple of options: a. take another online course with my favorite online teacher and writer of beautiful monthly Love Letters (what she calls her newsletter), Susannah Conway; or b. find a more cost-effective alternative. I was prepping for my big vacation and couldn't afford to shell out a chunk of my earnings on an e-course so I decided to do some self-study instead.

That's when I decided to take a deep dive into Kelly-Ann Maddox's YouTube channel and found her then recent video documenting her unboxing of the Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne Donnely. SOLD. At that time, Lauren Aletta of Inner Hue (and my staple Lumina Tarot and Alchemist's Oracle) was also doing some promotions on her book, Into the Woods. I follow Lauren through her Soul School Monthly newsletters and have found them to be extremely helpful, soulful (obv), and beautifully produced. SOLD, TOO. 

By the time July rolled in, I had these two powerhouse tools arrive in the mail and I was ready to get cracking on my creativity.
*I'll talk about Into the Woods in another post!


About six months after my slump, I can say that it was probably brought about by me, pouring all my energy into "other work" rather than my writing, my tarot business, and all that juicy, fun stuff. There was no way I was going to quit my day job (I work as a freelance writer) because it was essential to my peace of mind and my pockets in a very Pentacles way. Concentrating on work means freeing your magical life of any pressure (I love this insight from Elizabeth Gilbert's "Big Magic"), but if you're not careful all that time and space devoted to day-to-day living can rob you of any magical sparks as well.

That's where this deck comes in. The prompts were there to remind me that I had a well of inspiration to draw from. I just needed a way to navigate back to it. That's what convinced me to finally break my "rule" of not going for words-only decks. Maybe words were okay if they were meaningful and got to the point. (Plus, the minimal illustrations that go with the Sacred Creators Oracle cards are really pretty).

*It also doesn't hurt that the lovely pastels of these cards go perfectly well with the dreamy, ethereal tones of The Starchild Tarot.


This deck wouldn't be complete without its SUPER MEATY workbook. It's so meaty, in fact, that everything it has to say is contained within its pages and online (certain chapters and pages point you to links online that continue the discussion). I find that oracle cards are generally okay to read without a guidebook, and you could technically run through these without the book, but if you're using them to really tap into your creative spirit then the book is absolutely valuable.


The book guides you through the many in ways in which you can inspect the cards. One exercise I liked was just going through everything to see what speaks to you and what doesn't… at the end of the activity, you discover clues that point you toward your creative stumbling blocks and your successes as well. There are a lot of spreads too that are particularly helpful for anyone engaged in creative activities (which is basically, everyone, really).

The prompts are enough to take you down your own creative rabbit holes but if you're needing inspiration, each card is accompanied by several pages that don't just offer keywords and lengthy explanations, but also journaling prompts that help you investigate your situation and help you carve out actionable steps (so necessary!) to help you through sticky challenges.


I'm friends with a lot of other creatives and while I initially thought I would just keep these cards to myself for my personal practice, I ended up bringing them to client readings because their messages were so substantial. As expected, everyone I've used these cards with have commented on how beautiful they are and how direct their messages are too.

At the end of most readings I do, I ask clients whether they want to take a photo of their cards for record keeping and future reference. But when I use the Sacred Creators Oracle, clients right away and without prompting ask me if they can snap a photo of their cards!


I recently used this deck too for a reading I did for the Full Moon in Leo + Lunar Eclipse. I didn't expect any responses from newsletter subscribers, but to my surprise, I actually got some replies and feedback on the message I pulled. That definitely speaks to the impact and potency the Sacred Creators oracle possesses.

So far, I've been able to pull myself out of my slump and am in full throttle Magician / Empress / Chariot energy with all the ideas bubbling up to the surface. I definitely think it wouldn't have happened without these cards. :)

PS: Chris-Anne is also a sweetheart. I got in touch with her as I was going through the workbook and she even wrote back! Love it when these creators we subscribe to actually respond <3