Better Together: Celebrity Goddess Tarot + Ritual Oracle

Decks used:  Celebrity Goddess Tarot  (Faye Orlove) and  Ritual Oracle  (Kristi Prokopiak, Ritual Tarot)

Decks used: Celebrity Goddess Tarot (Faye Orlove) and Ritual Oracle (Kristi Prokopiak, Ritual Tarot)

Mindy Kaling is one of my favorite celebrities—not only 'cause she's whip smart, funny (Kelly Kapoor from The Office, love her!), a great writer, but because she's into pop culture… just as much as I am.

This long-winded start segues into the reason why I snapped up the Celebrity Goddess Tarot. The deck popped up on my Explore feed on Instagram, and I could not resist its super subtle pink tone, its line art, and its pop culture pull. Created by LA-based artist Faye Orlove (who also has an impressive shop of stickers, stationery, and all things cool), the deck takes the tarot archetypes and juxtaposes an impressive line up of female personalities onto them.

Right about the time this deck entered my field of vision, Kristi Prokopiak rereleased the Ritual Oracle… and if you've gone through my blog posts, you'll know what a fan I am of Kristi (who's behind Ritual Tarot) and her celebrity / pop culture tarot deck, The Illest Tarot (in fact, I've written about it twice already!).


The Ritual Oracle comes poker-sized and is an 80-card deck that comes smaller-sized than the usual tarot deck. It comes in a two-piece box that looks just like The Illest's (only smaller), and also comes with a guidebook that tackles one card for every page. I appreciate guidebooks that don't go into too much detail when it comes to cards, so Kristi's handwritten (love this touch, btw) two to three sentence commentary on her work is just perfect!

Celebrity Goddess, on the other hand, comes in a standard tuck box and is a little more sparse with details when it comes to its guide. You get a listing of every personality in the deck and that's about it. Helpful, definitely (there were some people I couldn't place or didn't really know)… and smart, too. Again, I prefer guidebooks that don't spoonfeed you the information you could figure out intuitively or through a little googling. And I do believe that interpretation-wise, your own thoughts are always so much more meaningful than what any author or guidebook has to offer.


I like how these two go together, Faye's line art is a perfect foil for Kristi's photographic deck. Their backings are also complementary (blush pink and green / teal? yes!), with the Celebrity Goddess going the super minimal route and the Ritual Oracle having scribbles and doodles just like its companion tarot deck, The Illest.


If you're as pop culture obsessed as I am, seeing Amal Clooney or Nicole Richie pop up in a spread is a joy. I have a couple of friends who are also pretty savvy when it comes to celebrity and pop culture, and it's always a joy to see them react to decks like these.

On the other side of the spectrum, I'm not a huge fan of photographic decks but I don't know, this one just works. In fact, it's become my go to as of late—not just for myself but also for clients! I think what gives the Ritual Oracle an extra oomph is the choice of symbols and Kristi's down to earth, super accessible writing. I used this deck for a recent in-person reading and I have literally never gotten that many goosebumps in one reading, EVER. My client said the same thing too.


Both decks are smart and can offer a lot of insight if you're a tarot reader who easily connects to these figures—I find that using modern day people as substitutes for our traditional tarot archetypes is incredibly effective. I get what the cards are trying to say to me without even trying. A photographic oracle deck, on the other hand, reminds me that our everyday lives are rife with meaning. There's so much insight to be gained if we keep our eyes open.

Celebrity Goddess may seem like a novelty deck to most, but it's one I've used consistently since I got it. It also works especially well with astrology-related readings that lean on strong archetypes for the different signs! (Sun in Virgo in the 4th House? Serena Williams as the 8 of Pentacles!) And the Ritual Oracle has also been the only deck to break my (pretty impressive) streak with Spirit Speak's Vessel Oracle. Along with The Illest, this speaks directly to my soul. :)