Inkling: A Tarot + Journaling Workshop

If I rewind back to when I was reading tarot for fun, back to when it was a party trick that would keep my friends and me entertained, I don't think I could have ever imagined I'd actually take the whole thing seriously… and seriously enough for me to actually TEACH it. This workshop and this opportunity to help people discover how empowering and potentially life-altering a tarot practice is was one of the biggest surprises of the year for me, thus far, and I'm so thankful I was able to do it.

Life coach Aurora Suarez approached me last year to pitch a Tarot + Journaling workshop that we would lead together. The idea was something I latched on to immediately. Not only do I read tarot (and love it), but I'm also a writer and avid journal-ist at heart. I have diaries and journals dating back to my grade school years! Writing in my journal has been a weekly habit of mine since I can remember, and its meditative qualities don't just echo my tarot practice's, it supports it too.

I've taken a lot of tarot workshops both on and offline, so it was exciting to turn things around and see how things would play out from behind the curtains. And let me tell you, brainstorming this entire three-hour workshop was one of the funnest things ever! Don't we wish all meetings could start and end with a tarot reading?

Figuring out the flow of the workshop, dissecting exactly how to explain how both the tarot and journaling can support intuition (really, the heart of Inkling is connecting to your intuition), and pulling from our own personal experiences to keep everything authentic was such a cathartic and surprisingly meaningful experience.


And putting together the goodie bags for our participants was half the fun too! These colorful notebooks for my friend Micah's stationery brand, Eden Street are enough to put a smile on anyone's face.


We initially slated the workshop for just six participants because it was our first run and we wanted to create an environment intimate enough for everyone to speak up and share. It was so gratifying to see everyone open their first deck of tarot cards (yup, the workshop comes with an Original Rider-Waite Smith deck!) and start to dig in.

I wasn't sure if I could squeeze a quick "How to Read the Tarot" lesson in under three hours but I think our primer was able to deliver the basics well enough for everyone to start doing single card to three-card pulls for themselves. It was so much fun to congratulate everyone for walking out of the room as tarot readers!

We're holding a second run of Inkling this month on May 19, 2 to 5 PM at CraftMNL and are opening up the workshop to 10 participants this time around. If you're interested, register now because slots are going pretty quickly… and I hope to meet you (and your intuition) soon :)