Shop Crush: Sugarpill • Seattle, WA

sugarpill 0.jpg

Confession: I did some panic deck buying right before I left for Canada. Thanks to Bakara Wintner's and Everyday Magic's Instagram Stories and posts, I became completely enthralled by the Dark Days Tarot. I did some research on the deck and found out that Sugarpill Apothecary in Seattle carried it. My plan was to head to the store and get it there… until I spotted an announcement via the Dark Days newsletter that they were running out of decks. My freak out ensued, and I bought my copy online even if I knew it would arrive while I was away. 

In any case, I'm glad this all took place because my research into the Dark Days Tarot eventually led me to Sugarpill, which I made sure I would visit while I was in Seattle. The store was near a coffee shop and brunch place I wanted to check out in Capitol Hill, so a visit was warranted.

sugarpill 1.jpg

Th shop is filled with elixirs, tinctures, chocolate (CHOCOLATE!), postcards, crystal goodies, and all the stuff. Like a modern day spells classroom from Harry Potter, it is as magical as magical can be! I didn't actually need any of the stuff so I ended up just going around and around and around for about half an hour, gaping at all the things.

sugarpill 2.jpg

I read a couple of Yelp! reviews on my way to the store, and some of them mentioned Karyn Schwartz, who owns the shop. She was manning the counter while I was there and was kind enough to chat with me about my eczema, which had flared up because of the dry weather I was experiencing in Canada and the US. An herbalist and homeopath, she very kindly and patiently explained to me what my skin was going through, and helped me find a lovely salve I could take with me through my travels to keep my issues at bay. (I'm still using the salve right now and it is wonderful!)

sugarpill 3.jpg

I asked Karyn if I could take some photos of the store; I told her I really wished we had something like this in Manila. When I told her I was from the Philippines, she asked me if I grew up with any natural remedies using plants back home, and I did tell her about all the DIY medicine we would use at home, picking guava leaves and even aloe vera from our garden. 

sugarpill 4.jpg

I adore the brick walls and wooden touches of this store!

sugarpill 5.jpg

If you're in Seattle, make sure to stop over and pay Sugarpill a visit. Your'e sure to find something intriguing—whether you're into the woo woo stuff or not. If you take some time to talk to Karyn, you'll also learn a thing or two about herbs and homeopathy! (She can even make tea blends for you).

These little magical adventures I'd planned for myself really opened up a world of inspiration for me and the future of PM! Fingers crossed, we can make this internet space a physical one too someday :) For now, it's nice to know that there are stores like this and The Good Spirit (and my unicorn shop Everyday Magic—one day, I will make my way there1) out there doing good work for everyone.

900 E Pine St.
Seattle WA