Website Overhaul | Blog Break


I was about to type about some new tarot topic right when I opened this window, and decided against it in favor of a temporary blog hiatus.

If you’ve been up to date with my Instagram feed (and even this blog), you’ll probably know that I gave up a couple of retainer projects this year to start focusing on Practical Magic. It’s only been two weeks since then and so far, I’ve taken a couple of branding courses, reread a couple of career-based books, and did a LOT of brainstorming.

I’ve learned a lot in these two weeks and if I’m honest, overwhelm has begun to sneak its way into my subconscious. Just thinking about how much I want to do for this business makes me feel like I want to freeze up! I’m super excited to move forward, but I know that if I want this to really work (and I do), I’m going to have to build from the foundation up.

I have a lot of projects planned (some are already ongoing ;) but before those can take flight, I’m going to have to rework a couple of bells and whistles in my online home.

My site and services will be up and running while I tweak everything, but I’m going to have to give up the weekly posts and slow down with my social media in the meantime to make time for bigger things.

That said, there’s a ton of content up on my blog you can look through if you want to dive into the tarot.

I’ll be seeing you guys in a few! I can’t wait to show you all that I’ve got up on my sleeve ;)