Deck Review: Accurate AF Tarot

The  Accurate AF Tarot  is available at for AU$50.

The Accurate AF Tarot is available at for AU$50.

I’ve never owned a round tarot deck, but I remember being vaguely interested in the Motherpeace Tarot Deck for a while. My interest faded though, I wasn’t so into it that I would actually purchase it, so I just forgot about round tarot decks. And since I stopped buying decks, I really haven’t been in the market for anything new.

But then this new, modern, and super Practical Magic-vibing tarot deck with a lot of white space and super cool illustrations began making the rounds in my Instagram explore feed last January. I remember reading for one of my friends and ultimately showing her the deck on my phone saying, “this is super cool, right?”

Fast forward a few weeks later and I got the surprise of my life when Accurate AF actually contacted me on Instagram, asking if I’d be open to reviewing her deck. WHAT! OF COURSE! YES PLEASE!

accurate af 02.jpg

It takes roughly a month for anything international to reach Manila, and this one came exactly on the 4th week mark. The deck is packaged well—you’re sure not to get any dings, something I’m quite particular about especially since Accurate AF comes in a beautiful two-piece hard box.

It takes a little bit of jiggling and wiggling to get the cover off the first time you open it. I’ve experienced this with a lot of other tarot boxes so I don’t think it’s a problem. Also, I love the captions on the box: Brutally Honest Illumination + You like direction and you like it Accurate AF. I mean, this is exactly how I like to do my readings!

The cards are perfect for beginners and modern mystics. The drawings are fashionable and fresh—just a lot of white space, light pen work, and sparse pastel colors. I think the smartest thing about the cards’ design is the border—it’s got card meanings laid out for upright and reversed directions. The thing about round decks is they allow you to play with directions and degrees. Depending on how you lay out your cards, you can get a positive or negative slant on a card’s general definition. I don’t read reversals so I don’t think this is a make or break for me, but I can imagine someone who’s just beginning their tarot journey will appreciate this nifty detail.

accurate af 03JPG

The airy, light quality is evident throughout the deck but most especially in the card backs which offer a fun suit-inspired pattern. I love how lovely the cards look all stacked, although I have to say I was surprised at how thin they were. From photos I saw on IG, I was expecting a Moonchild Tarot feel. They’re quite thin though, which makes them great for riffle shuffling.


The edges are done up in a matte gold finish. It flakes a little when you first open it, but I imagine that after a couple of uses, any extra gold dust goes away :) If you’re a stickler for details like edging, then this is one particular feature of Accurate AF you’ll probably like.

accurate af 05.JPG

On to the cards! They’re a mix of pip-style minors, super good-looking courts, and modern majors. I would have to say the majors are my favorite part of this deck—it’s so much fun to see such traditional archetypes in a new way. Consider the Hermit card—I would have never thought of using a laptop for this card! And yet it all works. I love how this deck opens everyone up to new takes on ideas we’re so used to. The thing about reading for an extended period of time is you sometimes get so fixed on one definition. This deck helps you break those habits.

This deck will look gorgeous on an altar! And I love how it works with my little plate from  Hey Kessy Pottery .

This deck will look gorgeous on an altar! And I love how it works with my little plate from Hey Kessy Pottery.

accurate af 06.jpg

I brought this deck to one of my pop-up events and everyone was interested in them. At first (and I think all the round decks are going to get this comment, especially from non-tarot folk), people asked me if I had a bunch of coasters with me… but when I explained what I had with me, they were pretty excited to flip through the cards and see the artwork.

I was reading with my own deck during the event so it was fun to see people compare and contrast my super colorful collage cards with this lighter, breezier take on the tarot.

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