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My Go-To Spread (III): The Four Bodies

One of the biggest takeaways I'd gotten from one of my yoga mentors, Dona Tumacder-Esteban, was the Four Bodies meditation. Before class, we would have a sit, and she would ask us to imagine a body of water for every aspect mentioned: Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit. Dona attributes the guided meditation to Angeles Arrien, a cultural anthropologist who wrote "The Four-Fold Way."

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Reading for Others: Meeting the Unexpected with Grace

I totally espouse reading for oneself, especially since I primarily consider tarot as a wonderful tool to get to know yourself. Integrating tarot into your spiritual practice—whether that's yoga asana or meditation or journaling in a coffee shop every Saturday morning is wonderful. It helps you dig into the crevices of your Self that you wouldn't normally dare to on your own.

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