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5 Things I Learned From Doing a Deck Declutter

I’m interrupting my blog hiatus because I feel compelled to write about this little project of mine. I didn’t really mean to do a deck declutter because I’ve been really happy about my deck collection. If you’ve read the reviews up here, you know that I’m pretty careful about the purchases I make—they have to make sense, I have to actually like what I’m buying, and while some of my decks have been a result of #feelingspendy, I’m pretty mindful about acquiring stuff.

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Tarot Top 5: Boredom Busters

While it would be super ideal to always be pulling cards because I want to set intentions, give someone a positive message, or soothe my soul, I think I actually turn to my tarot collection when I don't have anything better to do and I just feel like playing. You're never bored when you're toting a tarot deck with you—even just one image can provide hours upon hours of inspiration and creative prompts

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Better Together: 360 degrees of the RWS with The After Tarot + the Tarot of New Vision

It took me intense study of the Rider Waite Smith system to really appreciate it. I bought my first deck, an original RWS (the kind with the blue floral backings), back when I was first dipping my toes into the tarot because all my "teachers" on YouTube talked about how so many of today's decks are based on it. As far as my small tarot collection was concerned, this was the encyclopedia or the reference.

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