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Shop Crush: Sugarpill • Seattle, WA

Confession: I did some panic deck buying right before I left for Canada. Thanks to Bakara Wintner's and Everyday Magic's Instagram Stories and posts, I became completely enthralled by the Dark Days Tarot. I did some research on the deck and found out that Sugarpill Apothecary in Seattle carried it. My plan was to head to the store and get it there… until I spotted an announcement via the Dark Days newsletter that they were running out of decks. My freak out ensued, and I bought my copy online even if I knew it would arrive while I was away. 

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Book Review: WTF is Tarot? by Bakara Wintner

I discovered Bakara Wintner early on in my deep-dive into tarot. I love her Instagram feed (if you haven't checked it out, please click out of this and follow her *now*)—it was the perfect mix of witchy + New York City vibes + white space + tarot. I bought my the deck that really connected me to the tarot from Urban Outfitters, so when she was featured on the site a couple of years back, I totally fangirl-ed and reached out to her online. 

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