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How do I Choose which Deck to Use?

One of the most frequent questions I get, whether I'm doing online or offline readings, is about deck choice. Clients, especially those outside the tarot community who don't know about the plethora of artwork and independently produced decks, typically go to a tarot reading expecting a classic like the Rider Waite-Smith. So when they're presented with cards that don't have a "scary Devil" or esoteric symbolism that may appear sinister or super mysterious, they're instantly intrigued.

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Deck Update: Cards of Chaos Extras

One of my favorite tarot and oracle artists is Aya Rosen, who created my perfect three-deck suite: the Metro Tarot Cards (my one and only majors only deck), the Black Lilly Tarot (a poker-sized deck with haunting, feminine figures), and Cards of Chaos—a comprehensive, totally intuitive oracle deck. These three decks go together so perfectly, not just because all the art's by one person, but because they build a great foundation for full-bodied, super comprehensive readings I give to clients and friends. 

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